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    I LOVE Robin - it's probably the only name that I sincerely like on both boys and girls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by towelday42 View Post
    Rowan, River and Robin, 3 beautiful nature names and all unisex now. I love them all and cannot choose one from another without a feeling of guilty.. Please help me! Talk about the impression (of which on girls or boys are all welcome =]) you get from them, and the history each of them carried. =]
    BTW I would love to hear about their rankings in Australia..
    Thanks a lot for your time!

    See the appeal in all these names!!

    Rowan for unisex and I honesty love on both boys and girls equally. Rowan works for both sexes. River for me is a boy's name it just suits boys and flows more naturally on a boy. As does Robin in my eyes. In my country Robyn is used for girls and Robin is used more stereotypically for boys. Robin is just so cute for a boy and whenever I think of the name I always think it's sad that this name is getting increased use for girls. I'd much prefer Robin for a boy furthermore whenever I think of Robin I think of Christopher Robin, Robin Hood, Robin Williams, and lastly the gorgeous Robin Thicke. For me Robin is all boy!! The only one which feels incredibly unisex is Rowan.

    Unfortunately I don't know about about the rankings in Australia.

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    Thank you everyone!

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    All three of these work best on boys, IMHO. How about Wren, Russet, Rue, Oriel, Arden, Rosemary, or Arcadia?
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    If I met a sibset named Rowan, River & Robin, I'd think 'awesome'.

    Rowan is all boy to me. I know some like it for girls but I can't stand it. It's also become trendy for girls.
    River leans masculine but I also love it for girls.
    Robin is truly unisex to me however it feels a bit dated for a girl. In the US it peaked in the 60s and has been dropping ever since. Although that could make it a fresh choice now

    Personally, I would choose River but Robin is a close second. Robin is more of an 'acceptable' choice due to its softness and history. There's also a sophistication about it since all of the female Robins I know are adults with white collar careers. I've never met a Robin under 30. River is very wordy, not feminine-sounding, and still has a hippie connotation. I like that about River but not everyone will.

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