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    rowan, river, and robin

    Rowan, River and Robin, 3 beautiful nature names and all unisex now. I love them all and cannot choose one from another without a feeling of guilty.. Please help me! Talk about the impression (of which on girls or boys are all welcome =]) you get from them, and the history each of them carried. =]
    BTW I would love to hear about their rankings in Australia..
    Thanks a lot for your time!

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    bailibsmum Guest
    I would say Rowan is more a name given to girls where as rohan or rowen is a boy name.

    River is a boy name to me & Robin/Robyn a girls name.

    Hope that helps you.

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    casilda Guest
    I consider them all to be boys' names.

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    Rowan - boys, could be girls.
    River - this one has gone to all the bad-ass, Sci-Fi girls
    Robin - boys.

    All three are great! I see your dilemma in choosing one.
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    1 Rowan - my favourite on your list. Still a boys name but more parents are choosing it for girls so I don't know how long it has as a male name before parents avoid it for their sons. I prefer it on a boy myself.

    2 Robin - I have a female cousin named Robin and there is Robin Hood, Christopher Robin of "Winnie the Pooh" fame and Robyn the female singer so it can see it on either gender. Not a big fan.

    2 River - mainly a boys name. It's not a fave. I want to break out in song "Cry Me a River". Tragic actor River Phoenix adds to the downside for me.
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