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    You & Your Siblings!

    Hello Berries!

    I know there's already a "You & Your Siblings" thread, but this one has an exclamation mark on the end which makes it 100% better. Plus, this one you can give descriptions. I'm just very curious about real-life sibsets!

    So basically, you & your sibling's names, ages (if you feel comfortable), brief description of them, interests, etc...

    I have two full siblings and two half siblings from my father's previous marriage, but they are considerably older than me and I don't know them super well.

    Tara Crystal (28) Tall, brown-blonde hair. Brown eyes. Played soccer throughout high school and got a scholarship to play at college. Now works as a secretary for a local dentist's office. She's expecting her first child, a girl, in September.
    Jeremy Michael (26) Tall, brown hair. Green eyes. Just finished medical school and is going to be an ER doctor after he completes his residency.
    Owen William (19) Tall, brown hair. Brown eyes. Plays basketball. Sophomore in college, majoring in Music.
    Catalina Rosalie (17) Me. Average height, blonde hair. Green eyes. I play volleyball and tennis and I like to run. About to enter university as a freshman.
    Fiona Elizabeth (13) Short, blonde hair, blue eyes.very excited about having the house to herself next year. She will be in eighth grade in the fall. Likes basketball, drawing and bicycling.
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    Well I'll go. ^_^

    Angel Starr (Me, 22) blackish brown hair, dark brown eyes, short. Likes to write, read, anything naturey, has 5 tattoos and 4 piercings, half way to getting a book published. Has 4 cats -- Pan (black boy), Zen (tuxedo boy), Alsandair (mostly black boy), Selene (black girl, Pan's girlfriend)

    Zachary Nathanial (21) I've been told he looks identical to me as we have the same father, but I've never met him (he was given up for adoption). I don't know what he likes but I'd love to meet him one day.

    Amber Dawn (12) medium shaded brown hair, hazel eyes. Has her dads big ears and her feet are bigger than mine (she my height). Likes art, nature, animals, boys :P, wants to be a geologist. Has a siamese cat named Monkey -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I'll go

    Ruth Charlotte is my older sister. She is 34 years old and has been married to my BIL, Mitchell, for 12 years. They have three children, Christopher who is 10, Serena who is 7, and Lillian ( we call her Lilli Beth) who is 3. She has brown hair and green eyes, like most of our family does. She is quite serious most of the time and very focused on her kids and her career.

    Wyatt Timothy is my older brother. He is 28 years old and has been married to my SIL, for 3 years now. They are expecting their first baby in January, just a few weeks before my little one is due to make his arrival. Wyatt is a hoot to be around. He loves to tell jokes and just have a good time. He has a contagious laugh. We've always been very close to one another. Wyatt also has dark brown hair and green eyes.

    Cora Julianne (that's me) is 25 years old. I married Jonathan, the love of my life, on May 21, 2011. Jonathan has three wonderful children whom I love dearly. We are also expecting our first child together in February! I have straight brown hair and green eyes, just like my siblings. I have taught elementary school the past two years, but am currently taking this school year off. I like to run (but I broke my ankle a few days ago, so that isn't happening much), I also like to read and just spend time with DH and the kiddos.

    Maybe later I'll come back and tell you all about DH's siblings as well!
    Step-Mother to three lovely children - Josiah Lewis (14), Stella Evangeline (8), and Emma Catherine (4)

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    Nice thread! I will go :-)

    Vasiliki ( Me) 17 yrs old : I have long light brown hair with blonde highlights and green / grey eyes. Although my name is Vasiliki,I go by Belle or Bellerose.I have a wonderful BF a year now who I adore :-)
    Chris ( Xristos/Christos) 15 yrs old : He has dark brown hair and brown eyes. He plays soccer and he is very good actually.I try to convince him to be a professional so I can be famous too :-P
    George ( Giorgos) 12 yrs old : he has light brown hair and hazel eyes. He also plays soccer.he is a nice kid but very irritated! Lol.
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    Katie Charlotte - That's me! I'm 17 years old, studying science and maths at sixth form/college. I'm English. I love maths a little too much, and I think I want to be a medical physicist right now. I enjoy reading and I watch way too much TV {mainly crime shows, but my favourites are probably Supernatural, Sherlock, and Star Trek: TOS}.

    Bradley James - He's 15, still in secondary school. He does various kinds of martial arts {I can't remember which exactly} and he plays rugby. He's a bit of a "class clown" and also likes online gaming.

    George - Our miniature dachshund, that my mother insists is her third baby, making him my "other brother". He's three years old, barks at literally everything, and is a little hyperactive at times.

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