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    Jaeden Troy (19) Brown hair and Hazel eyes, At university studying to be a nurse/paramedic. Loves to play sports, ride his bmx at the dirt jumps he built and hang out with his girlfriend.

    Bronte Jade (16, ME) Browny Red hair and Green eyes. Love to be reading a book or be outside wakeboarding or mucking around with my family and friends, I want to be a pediatric surogeon/nurse when I finish school depending on my ATAR. Oh and my middle name is after my brother (Jaeden = Jade)

    Tyren John (10) Blonde hair and Blue eyes. He's the baby of the family and it's quite obvious, he prefers to be inside on technology 24/7 and is often found on the computer or an Ipad. There is a clear divide between Tyren vs Jae and I were we like to be out and he likes to be in.

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    I have a huge family.

    Jenifer Alice (30) "Jenny"
    Kathleen Marigold (29) "Kate"
    Frances Lucy (27) "Franke"
    Lloyd Robert (26)
    Colin Liam (25)
    Lillian Ciare (16, me)
    Michelle Victoria (16, we're ten months apart)

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I'm super jealous of all of you with fabulously named siblings! I wish my parents had known what the SSA list, because though they wanted uncommon names, they sort of failed epically, hahaha. (And @moonkai - Charlotte sounds adorable! It only intensifies my whole adoption craving. I've officially gone back into adoption fever again... )

    Ashley Marie (ech. me.) Sort of auburnish/soft-medium-brown-ish sort of hair. It has these like... natural golden highlights that I think are cool. I started out as a blond, though. My eyes were blond as I was younger; they sort of morphed into hazel-brownish-mud, but in the past couple years they're becoming more and more green (which I not so secretly love. LOVE green eyes!). I'm a college graduate, with a degree in professional writing, but I'm stuck at a Panera atm. :/ I have dreams of opening my own philanthropic/encouraging/outreach/confidence-building sort of ministry called The Barnabas Project, which would involve any plethora of doing kind and silly things to encourage people and build general love between mankind and God. I also want to be a novelist at some point, if I can ever fully get out of this depression/funk and get in the right place to write again. And I desperately want to be an adoptive mommy one day. (Probably a lot of oversharing. ah, well.) I'm 25.
    John Robert, III "Johnny" - my brother. Just got out of the Air Force, with an honorable discharge. He's into photography and architecture and guns and video games. He's silly and lovey-dovey, and probably the best little brother ever (just sayin'). He's super tall and super built thanks to the USAF, short brown hair (about my coloring) with these amazing, striking blue eyes and the most enviable long eyelashes ever. :/ He's 23.
    Rebecca Eileen "Becca/Bec" - long blond hair, blue eyes, supermodelesque. Seriously. She loves languages and books and is currently studying communications/marketing in college. We work at Panera together, and I'm sure she's the only thing that makes it tolerable. She's 21.
    Natalie Ruth "Tallie/Lulu" - She pretty much looks like Becca's twin, only slightly shorter than me (which is significantly shorter than Becca). She is the most opinionated, matter-of-fact, frustrating person I know, but she can have this adorable heart of gold. She loves delivering cookies to the military in the area with me every summer, she insists on calling my sister and I 'pretty sister' (which I still don't understand, hahaha), and she is very passionate about travel and languages (and she thinks it's dumb America doesn't force its students to learn languages more seriously. I agree). She wants to study engineering in college. She turned 18 last Monday.
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    I agree with Ashley in saying that I'm incredibly jealous of those with fabulously-named sibsets! My sibset is all over the place with half-siblings from both parents and step siblings.

    Bree Ba@rb@r@ is 30 years old, my step-sister, very dark brown-black hair, blue/green/grey eyes. Has three children: Cort J@y (7), K@yda Je@n Iris (4) and Ki@ra@ Gem (3).
    Rikki L33 is 27 years old, my step-brother. Black hair and blue eyes. Expecting his first child with girlfriend Nicole.
    Ebony Eden (me) is 17 years old. Strawberry blonde hair, freckles, blue eyes. I just graduated high school and will be finished with my final examinations on the 12th of November. I'm hoping to study Biomedical Science next year at uni with a Diploma in Languages (Italian).
    T@rkwyn Loche is 12 years old and is my half-brother via my dad. He has blonde hair and blue eyes.
    A@ron Matthew is 11 years old and is my half-brother via my mum. He has dark blonde hair, tan skin and blue eyes.
    Kir@ Jordyn is 10 years old and is my half-sister via my dad. She has brown hair and blue eyes.
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    I have quite a large family.

    My older brother and I both come from my dad, who I never really met.
    - Chase Joseph (20), my only older sibling. He's going to Seneca College in Toronto for Liberal Arts. He wants to be a social worker. He's really tall, about 6'2", and he has cropped brown hair and brown eyes. He looks a lot like me, and we're the only two who have the same parents. We're super close.

    - Allison Jane (16, me), I'm a junior. I play volleyball and I run track. I love reading and writing. I'm average height and I have long brown hair and brown eyes.

    My two sisters come from my mom's first husband, who left four years ago.
    - Nina Joy (14), my first half-sibling. We're pretty close, but she also gets on my nerves a lot. She is short, and she has blonde hair and blue eyes. She plays softball year round religiously. She also plays the guitar.

    - Hillary Rose (6), my youngest sister. I don't see her much because she lives with her dad for most of the time, except on weekends. She is always really hyper. She's super tiny, and she has short blonde hair.

    My two younger brothers come from my mom's current husband. They've been married for two years.
    - Greyson James (2), Greyson is a very quiet and reserved boy. He was born a month early, so he is very small. He has strawberry blonde hair and green eyes.

    - Garrett Lee (1), Gare was also born a month early. He is small too, and has bright orange hair and green eyes. He can say some words, and learned to walk about a month ago.
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