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    I have one sister and one brother:
    Ebony Anne (me) 14: Light brown hair and blue eyes. I'm still in high school and my aim with life is to become a journalist. I play netball on the weekends during winter and I enjoy swimming but I'm not fast enough to be in any teams.

    Adele Louise 12: Adele looks kind of like me but we have a few different facial features most notably she was a scar on her nose. Adele is still in primary school in my hometown and I only see her on holidays. Adele is a gymnast who trains in Perth every weekend (which is three hours away).

    Isaac James 9: Isaac has white blonde hair and blue eyes and a little piggy nose. Isaac is also still in primary school. Isaac plays Australian rules Football and also is obsessed with lego.
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    I have two siblings--an older sister and a younger brother.

    Katherine "Katie"--She's 24, and has a degree in Biology. She just moved from Vancouver to St. Louis.

    Me (I have a very unusual name, at least in the US, so I'd rather not share it online)--I'm 19, and studying English and French at university. My eventual goal is to be a high school English teacher (though I'm entertaining the idea of teaching middle school instead). I'm in the Honors College at my school, and I'm thinking about going Greek this semester. I hope to be inducted as a member of Sigma Tau Delta (the national English Honors society) in the Spring. I'm also trying to study abroad in Dijon spring of 2015.

    Noah--He's 17, and a junior in high school. One of the smartest people I know. And he's an excellent handyman, and a genius with technology. He's thinking about enlisting after he graduates. He's a competitive swimmer, and a lifeguard at the local water park over the summer. Last I heard, he was trying to teach himself guitar, but I don't think it's working.

    None of us really look that much alike. I am a female clone of my father, and my brother looks exactly like my mom. My sister looks like both of my parents, while simultaneously looking like neither of them (I'm not entirely sure how that's possible). I've got dark brown hair and green/blue eyes, my brother has strawberry blond hair and blue eyes, and my sister has light brown hair and blue eyes. My brother and I are both tallish (he's reaching about 5'10 and is still growing, and I'm 5'8), and my sister is a mere 5'2.

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    Stefan Andreas (29): Brown, curly hair, brown eyes. He's kind of a workaholic and can be brutally honest, but he's also very funny and big at heart. He likes parties, all kinds of machines and working.

    Sofia Maria(ME)(26): Brown, straight/curly hair, brown eyes. I'm a happy, positive and laid-back kind of person, but also sensitive and have quite a temper. I like chocolate in all shapes, cats and shopping.

    Alexandra Kristina "Alex" (22): Dirty blonde, straight hair, brown eyes. She's a very sweet and funny person, but have a temper for sure (that's something all three of us have in common, probably from mom lol) and can be very sarcastic. She likes horse-riding, her boyfriend and cookies.
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    Haley Alannah - 18 in 5 days - ME! The only name nerd in my family, I'm 5'10, with naturally dark blonde hair (I've been dying it dark brown since Christmas 2013), and green-hazel eyes. When I was little, I looked more like my dad, but now that my mum and I dye our hair so similarly in colour, I look exactly like my mama I've always been fascinated by history, (which I get from my dad), and I've always naturally been able to speak french (also from my dad, who is part Quebecois). I'm in my first year of college, training to be an Early Childhood Educator.

    Mikayla Nicole - 14 - my baby sister, she's 5'8, just taller than my mum, with bright red hair and blue eyes. We all say she looks like Merida from Disney's Brave, and really, she looks identical to that. She loves anything sci-fi, Doctor Who and Supernatural especially. She's always had an easier time making friends, and she's excellent in English, Science and French. When she was little, we always called Mikayla 'Mikki', but she's since dropped that and only uses Mikayla.

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    Carlton (28) - He is tall (about 6'1), average weight, and seriously the most talented person that I know. I was always jealous (in a good way) of his ability to pick up any instrument and just start playing. Of course this only annoyed me when I was struggling with my violin only to have him walk in and play it perfectly. He can sing, dance, act, draw... you name it, he can probably do it. He can do anything with his hands. He is one of those people who likes to take things apart to see how they work, and then to test whether or not he can reassemble it. His downfall: school. He struggled to get finished with high school but he made it!

    Me (25) - I am of average height (5'4"), not-so-average weight but I am dieting as I type! Lol! I differ from my brother in the sense that I am actually pretty good in school. I am currently in college to become an Early Childhood teacher. My brother and me really make one heck of a duo! Of course he is better at most things but I'm not so bad myself.

    Sometimes we can be so much alike and then sometimes we will make you wonder if we can from the same parents! But we did. I've always been "the responsible one" who had to look out for him. When I was in high school, I slightly resented him for that but I came to realize that every sibset is going to be different. In our case, I would likely always have to be the one to say, "That's not a good idea." He's way more "caution to the wind" and sometimes I wish I could more like him. He lets things roll off of his back, while I have to tell people exactly how I'm feeling! He never meets a stranger, while I sit back and observe every tiny detail about a person before deciding if we're going to be "quick" pals. We are both way too silly (Thanks Mom) and way too creative (again, Thanks Mom).

    My favorite thing is... we both call each other "Lee". When people are around us for the first time, they think that it's so weird. Some people have asked, "You don't get confused?" How can we? Lol! I know I'm not talking to myself, and he knows he's not talking to himself! We started that when I was about 7 and continue to do so to this day. I could talk about my brother all day long! Love that guy. Remember the TV show The Famous Jett Jackson? I thought the lead actor (Lee Thompson Young) was so cute until everyone showed me that he and my brother could pass for twins! Yuck! After that, in my mind I would pretend that he was also my brother and together we were the Three Lee's. Lol! Weirdo.

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