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Thread: Plumeria?

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    I've been seeing a big interest in the name Plum on the forum recently. Whilst I think it is an endearing name, I myself would never use it... However I could easily see it as a quirky middle on someone else's child. I suggested to a parent that maybe Plumeria might be more usable as it is a flower name and flower names seem to be socially acceptable than fruit names (with some exceptions like Olive of course).
    So is Plumeria usable? I think it is pretty and flowery but it is a very frilly name and maybe not a run-of-the-mill flower that alot of people would be familiar with.

    I have no interest in Plum but I'm just curious as I like quirky names and Plumeria is cutesy to me.

    As usual honest opinions are more than welcome.
    Thank you to all who respond
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    Plumeria nn Ria is cute. It's a bit too frilly for me, but I think it's usable.
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    I don't think Plumeria is usable. To me, Plumeria sounds like some sort of disease.

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    Maybe as a middle name...

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    I'm generally all for weird flower names (I know the cutest little Forsythia) but I find the sound of this really strange. I don't say it with Plum in there. I say it like ploom-ehr-ee-ah. >.< I think it'd be a cool quirky middle, but would be strange up front.

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