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    "A person’s a person, no matter how small.”
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    I adore your naming style!

    Flora - Pretty, but has always sounded a little elderly to me. I tend to prefer Florence or Florentine.
    Ophelia - Adore! Though the Shakespearean maiden was rather tragic.
    Gemma - Cute. Not my favorite though.
    Leonor - Nice. I prefer Leonora or Lenore.
    Emma - Meh. Too popular.
    Penelope - Not my fave, but I like nn Pippi.
    Alice - Lovely, reminds me of Lewis Carroll's Wonderland heroine.
    Amelia / Emilia - Both are pretty, but too popular. Emilia sounds a little more exotic.
    Matilda - I like the Roald Dahl character, but not the name itself.
    Ida (ee-dah) - I've always pronounced it with "eye" as the first syllable..
    Rose - Pretty. Simple.
    Rosalie - Gorgeous.
    Leonora - Lovely.
    Eleanor - Strong and beautiful.
    Eleonora - See Eleanor.
    Ella - Nice. Dainty and princess-like.
    Clara - Prissy and matronly.
    Clementine - Cute.
    Elise - Meh.
    Belle - Also, very popular.
    Dahlia / Dalia - Reminds me too much of the Black Dahlia movie. I like Thalia better.
    Genevieve - Nice.
    Viole - Do you mean Viola? I love Viola.
    Violetta - Too frilly for me.
    Mila - Pretty.
    Juliette - Also very pretty.

    Lilia - I love Lily.
    Amelie - I adore the film, and that's the image I get.
    Aurora - A much more special "princess" name than Belle, imo.
    Elizabeth - Simply because it's the one-name-fits-all, and there's so many girls that could encapsulate it.
    Lucy - Cute and spunky.
    Viola - A great Shakespearean girl, plus the main character of one of my favorite books.
    Theodora - Wise and intelligent. I like nn Thea.
    Cecilia - A few too many C's for me, but I love Cicely.
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    Flora: (one of my top 2 girls names) Lovely.
    Ophelia: (the other of my top 2 girls names) Again, lovely.
    Gemmane of the G names that I like! I'm not a huge fan of G's, but Gemma is so pretty.
    Leonor maybe Leonore/Lenore/Leonora? Leonor looks unfinished.
    Emma: Most people see Emma as a really popular name, I see it as a gorgeous, timeless classic! I really like it.
    Penelope: I really like Penelope! Especially the nn Penny
    Alice lovely and timeless.
    Amelia / Emilia: I don't know which one I prefer! I like them both, but they're NMS.
    Matilda: Cute! It's one of those names that you can see as a cute baby but also as a grown woman.
    Ida (ee-dah): Ida is really pretty, but I think it would have pronunciation issues. If you said it fast we here I live, people might think you're saying Eta, which is a brand. But I like it
    Rose: I only like this as a first name. Or if it really goes well with the first name when it's in the middle spot.
    Rosalie: Pretty.
    Leonora: ah, that's much better!
    Eleanor: gorgeous and timeless.
    Eleonora: I prefer Eleanor, but this is gorgeous too.
    Ella: popular, but pretty.
    Clara: really nice! Again, timeless.
    Clementine: hmm, I could see this on other people, but I would use it myself.
    Elise: lovely!
    Belle: like Rose, I only like this as a first name. So pretty.
    Dahlia / Dalia: NMS, but nice.
    Genevieve: if I met someone called Genevieve, I think I would grow to like it, even though I'm not a huge G fan. I like the sound of it though.
    Viole: Is this supposed to be Violet/Viola?
    Violetta: I prefer Violet.
    Mila: LOVE this. I prefer it spelled Milla, but this is a guilty pleasure of mine.
    Juliette: lovely.

    [name_f]Lilia[/name_f: I prefer Lila or Lily.
    Amelie: I like this better than Amelia.
    Aurora: NMS, have you thought of Aurelia?
    Elizabeth: lovely. timeless, and aaah love this.
    Lucy: I kind of like this.
    Viola: I prefer Violet.
    Theodora: pretty!
    Cecilia: I like this.

    All your names remind me of a little garden, with birds and light pink and white flowers, and little fairies.
    Jude, blackbird.

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    Ophelia (the other of my top 2 girls names) -my current fave as well
    Gemma -my current fave
    Emma -still adorable even in the top five or whichever spot it has claimed this year
    Alice -like it lots-my mom wanted to name me this but my dad didn't like it
    Rosalie -like it
    Ella -still love this name after years of finding it so short, simple, and pretty without being boring with elle or ellie as my fave nn's
    Clara -pretty, but I love Claria (CLAR-ree-ah)
    Belle -adorable middle option
    Dahlia / Dalia -same with amelie
    Amelie -very pretty but it still has time to grow on me
    Aurora -my great g-ma's fn and she pronounced it as Aura, love it
    Elizabeth -like it, like it even more and Love it with an S instead of a Z
    Lucy -like it

    Here are some names from nb list you may like:
    Florence with Wren for a nn
    Lawrence with Wren for a nn
    Dawn, Asha, Camille, Flynn, Quincy, Emberley, Emery, Alexis, Augusta, Natalie, Naomi
    Simone, Kelsey, Jillian, Meadow, Willow, Nova, Juneau, Cypress, Beverley, Marjorie
    Sidney, Oriana, Heidi and a million more

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    Thank you for the all the comments so far.

    I'm such a big idiot, forgetting the "t" in Violet (I didn't even know Viole is a name).

    There's quite a few people liking Lenore, where I live it's a laundry detergent and I can't really see past that (it does have a pretty sound though).
    Leonor is a spanish (royal) name and I agree that Leonore looks prettier but I'd pronounce it Leo-nor-eh, how would you pronounce it?

    I really like Seraphina and Margot is growing on me (mostly because of Despicable Me).

    Aurelia is gorgeous. Thanks!

    Thanks so much for all the suggestions. At the moment my favourite of those is Sophie. It's beautiful and, to me, fresher than Sophia.
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