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    Sari, college freshman

    Cressida. Rosalind. Vera.
    Sage. Casimir. Lucian.

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    Surname: Johnson

    DH: Felix Vincent
    DW: Phoebe Isis

    DD: Isabelle Fay
    DS: Mason Gabriel
    DD/DS: Rosalie Lilian and Rhys Brandon
    DS: Kaden Jacob
    DD/DD/DS: Charlotte Juliet, Calliope Olivia and Christopher Zane

    Dog: Annabel

    ISABELLE "Izzy" FAY (12)
    Izzy has blossomed into a beautiful young girl. She's incredibly beautiful and very smart at school, she adores her younger sisters and respects those around her. unlike most 12 year olds these days she doesn't try to act older than she is or dress older because she's happy to be a kid and get dirty.

    MASON "Mase" GABRIEL (10)
    Mase... I swear there is always chunks missing out of this child. He looves anything that is dangerous, involves jumping off things or riding something. He is in love with his skate board and I often find him out the front trying to teach Kade how to ride. No matter how many times this little boy falls he always gets back up and is always there for his siblings.

    ROSALIE "Rose" LILIAN (8)
    Rose is what you would describe as opinionated and quite a lot for an 8 year old. She doesn't let anyone do anything for her and she never has from a young age, if she does need help the only one allowed to is her twin. Her and Rhys have a strong connection as twins even though they have very opposit personalities. Rose is loud and knows exactly what she wants and with a bat of her eyelashes she usually gets it.

    Rhys is my mud child. Just as loud as his twin sister Rhys is quite the opposite where she is lways dressed to perfection and looking clean Rhys is often covered in mud and smiling like a fool. Rhys is fiercely loyal to Rose and is always by her side when she needs him and on the rare occasion I find her covered in mud alongside him laughing away.

    KADEN "Kade" JACOB (6)
    Kade is my little professor. He loves anything robotic or mechanic and loves to know how things work, He is often loud to keep up with Rhys and I know that if he is quiet there is a large chance he is pulling something apart. He loves his older brothers especially Mase but he's not quite as tough as Mase and doesn't enjoy it when he falls off something.


    CHARLOTTE "Lottie" JULIET (4) Middle
    Little Lottie is a prime example of the 'enthusiastic child' she is always keen to help around the house or be outside with her siblings. Unfortunately she is also my tree climbing child who is often too high for comfort and giving me a heart attack. There have been many times fishing her out of a tree because she is stuck. Lottie has a crazy close connection with her sister Callie even though they are quite the opposite.

    CALLIOPE "Callie" OLIVIA (4) Left
    My Callie is my book child. Where every other one of the kids is loud and enthusiastic Callie is quiet and often found in our library reading a book, She is quite intelligent for a four year old but doesn't speak too much. It is often said that Lottie talks enough for both Callie and herself so Callie doesn't feel the need to talk. Even though Callie prefers the inside she loves to go out with her siblings aswell and playing in the mud laughing.

    CHRISTOPHER "Chris" ZANE (4) Right
    Christopher Zane my baby. Being the smallest of the riplets Chris was born with a few complications and we weren't sure he would make it but now he is thriving. Chris is my sporty boy playing football, NRL, baseball and swimming he is always on the go and that's how he likes it. When ever he is not on the sport field he is following Lottie around keeping her out of trouble or checking to make sure Callie is happy.

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    Rhode Island
    DH: Finnegan Shawn Bonaparte.
    DW: Heather Calliope Bonaparte.

    DD: Annabel Olympia Bonaparte.
    DS: Gabriel Zane Bonaparte.
    DD/DS: Victoria Faye Bonaparte/Joshua Ian Bonaparte.
    DS: Quincy Vaughn Bonaparte.
    DD/DD/DS: Vivienne Baylee Bonaparte/Bianca Grace Bonaparte/Vincent Zachary Bonaparte.

    Dog: Linus.

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