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    I got my first period about 3 months ago (yes, I'm 16 ) and it's completely normal for it to be irregular for the first few years or so.
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    I remember how frustrating it was when my periods were incredibly irregular when I was younger. Just give yourself some time to get regular. If you get ready to start wanting children and it is still out of whack, there are a lot of options available. Try not to stress yet
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    Gonna echo everyone else... Irregular periods after you get it for the first time is very common and totally normal. I wouldn't worry!
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    I had the same thing when I first got my period. It is partly just your body learning to deal with your new hormones, and there can be other factors involved. I had an irregular period for years for a number of reasons: If you are a vegetarian you may not be getting enough iron, and your body might be "holding off" from having your monthly period because it can't afford to lose that extra iron - or you might have a period too early when your iron level happens to be high because your body thinks "okay, this is my chance". Taking a daily multivitamin or eating healthily will help regulate your iron if that is an issue. If you are underweight, same thing. Your body might be holding onto its resources & so you might not get a regular cycle unless you are a recommended weight for your height & frame. Stress from school or friends, or not getting enough sleep, or thyroid/hormone issues could be a factor as well.

    It is normal during your teen years & even in your early twenties for your cycle to be a little wacky. I know its inconvenient not knowing when your period will strike, but it is part of your body developing. When you are ready for kids, if your cycle hasn't become more regular by then, there are lots of options for regulating it with medication or whatever. So at this point you have no need to worry. You are just a normal young woman and your body is doing what young women's bodies do.
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    I got my first period two years ago and it's still totally irregular. Don't worry at all! The only thing that is worth worrying about is carrying some pads or tampons in your purse/bag wherever you go!

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