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    How popular is Henry, really?

    I feel like I hear it everywhere, but I'm wondering if that's just because I've latched onto it. I see it's ranked in the 30s in the US now which seems pretty high, but on the other hand my name peaked at 18 the year I was born and I don't run into women with my name that often and didn't share it with any classmates as a kid.

    So I'm curious -- where do you feel Henry stands right now? Do you think it's poised to climb into the top 10 in the next couple years?

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    I know of one born last year,... But know way more jack and zach's

    (sorry hit reply too soon)
    I do think Henry is getting more attention now than ten or fifteen years ago, but it's such a long standing, handsome name that it would be wonderful no matter the popularity and would be very hard to feel trendy. Much like William.
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    I know one. He's two and he's absolutely a Henry, no question. Couldn't imagine him with any other name I love Henry, I'm considering using it as a middle name if/when I have a boy.

    Henry has been increasing in popularity, but it's been a pretty steady increase since the 90s, so while it is getting more popular it's certainly not "trendy." The lowest it's ever been ranked was #146, so even when it wasn't actually was popular. It's such a classic name that it always is going to be up there. It's at #43 now...but even so, there were only 8,006 babies named Henry born last year. That's only .398%. I don't think it will crack the Top 10 again, but I could see it peaking somewhere in the teens or twenties. But that would still put it at less than 1%...I don't think that is exactly a name that you're going to be seeing a lot of (but I'm of the opinion that traditional "popularity" is going to be irrelevant very soon anyway)

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    I certainly hope it breaks the top 10. Jayden and Aiden need to go. If Henry knocks one of those out, I'm happy.

    For what it's worth, I've never met a little Henry. It's more popular in urban/hipster areas, and I live in a small college town.
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    I know a lot of little Henry's, but then again, like southern.maple said previously, it's more of a hipster/city area name, and that's where all my friends with kids are located. Makes sense. I really dig the name though. I might consider it for a middle, but it's a little too common where I live for me to think of using it for a first name.
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