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    Please Help Me Choose!!

    Hi all, I'm looking for a baby girl name with a Finnish bent.
    They are all a bit unique, most of them way out there!
    These 2 are my favorite.

    Which of the two is your favorite?
    Would you have a hard time pronouncing either of them?
    Are there any other Finnish baby girl names you've come across you think are pretty / feminine?



    Thank you so so much!!

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    They are both very pretty and usable! I would tend to favour Anika over Katja but I really like both. I don't think pronunciation will be a big issue with either of these names.

    Best of luck!

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    I could pronounce both of them correctly, but I think that non-name nerds might have slightly more trouble. I'd suggest the spellings Annika and Katya/Katia to ensure correct pronunciation as well as slightly more visual appeal.
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    I prefer Anika over Katja, mostly because I don't really know how to pronounce Katja (is it kat-yah or kat-ee-uh or neither?)
    Anika is a very nice name though

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    Katya will likely be shortened to Kat. If you don't like that, I would choose Anika. Of the names in full, I prefer Katya.

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