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  • Ivy Mae

    21 36.84%
  • Ivy Rae

    11 19.30%
  • Ivy Angelica

    13 22.81%
  • Ivy Angelene

    7 12.28%
  • Ivy Angel

    1 1.75%
  • Ivy Serene

    4 7.02%
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    IVY........which of these is your favorite Ivy?

    Hi Berries

    After spending so much brain power on boys names, we ended up with a beautiful little girl! Everyone kept guessing a boy and this was such a different pregnancy from my first. I thought boy!

    So we have named her Ivy
    We are finding it difficult to decide on a middle name.
    Can I get your opinions please?

    Surname starts with S, one syllable
    DD #1 is Ayla Layne

    Ivy Mae
    Ivy Rae
    Ivy Angelica
    Ivy Angeline
    Ivy Angel
    Ivy Serene

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    I think I like Rae best of your options. It sounds the most spunky out of your list, and I like a spunky name. It packs a lot of punch for just six little letters.

    I like Ivy Angelica in theory, but it reminds me of the word "evangelical".

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    I think Ivy Rae is really cute, and Ivy Angeline is very pretty. Those are my two favorites.

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    So far it's close! Keep the votes coming gals! (and boys

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    Looks like Ivy Mae is a clear favorite! Do you think its too common? Looking at lots of names online, Mae seems to be used alot as a middle name.. I am aware that Ivy has surged in popularity at the moment so thinking a popular middle would be quite common. Which is why I thought Rae instead.

    Top three for me now are

    Ivy Mae
    Ivy Rae
    Ivy Angelica

    Hubhy thinks Ivy Angelica doesn't "flow" very well...


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