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    My husband and I have been TTC for the past 6 months. I stopped BC right before we started and still trying. I've had two friends that got pregnant right after stopping, not even one cycle in between. One of those ladies had twins. I also have a friend who got pregnant while on birthcontrol. Though she was bad at taking it sometimes she was on it for 10 years no issues, then as soon as she starts her Masters Program. Bam baby. Not ideal timing. Though she somehow made it all work, and has an awesome kid and a Masters degree.

    With this in mind I stayed on BC until we where ready to start trying. My family is usually hyper fertile so I thought I would get pregnant as soon as I started trying. That was 6 months ago. Still not pregnant. It's impossible to tell how long it will take.

    But good luck and try not to stress out about it.

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    I got off birth control two months ago and just found out I'm pregnant! It really can happen at any time after.

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    I was on the pill for 10 years, both times we wanted to ttc, we stopped earlier than planned thinking it would take forever. Both times I was pregnant within 2 months! You just never know. Try other methods after you quit the pill until you are truly ready with your job timeline. Good luck!
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    I was going to start a thread with this title, but I found this one. I hope it's okay to "resurrect" it since it's fairly new and might still be helpful to those TTC.

    I wanted to add in a note about Depo Provera. It seems a lot of women are on the Pill, and that's what they think of when they hear "birth control," but there are other methods of course. Depo was great when I was on it, but boy does it take its sweet time leaving. It takes the average woman nine months (from the date of the last shot) to get her period back. I knew that when I asked for my last shot. What I didn't factor in was some adjustment time for my cycles to regulate, and I'm sure I had hopes that it would come back earlier. My periods were unpredictable for a while. It ended up being more like a year before I could seriously start TTC. Of course, some women take even longer, and some women get pregnant within a few months. It's all a gamble and it doesn't matter if you've had one shot, or twenty shots.

    If anyone is on Depo and wants to TTC, I would stop a year in advance and go on the Pill, stopping the Pill whenever you are comfortable.
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    Thanks for resurrecting this thread @r_i!

    My former obgyn told me to go off the pill 3-4 months before ttc to allow your body time to get back to normal. Makes total sense.... But a month after that appt I switched to a new obgyn (for a lot of reasons) and she kind of laughed when I told her what id been told. She very clearly stated that I shouldn't go off the pill until I was ready to get pregnant because it can happy *safely* right away, and luckily for my husband and I, probably will for us (that's what she said anyway, I guess you never know til you try).

    Either way, that obviously changed my plan a little bit, as I'm still on the pill now, but will stop it in march.

    Just wanted to share
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