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    Question Getting pregnant after birth control pills

    Hi all

    We are going to start TTC in about 6-9 months. I am currently on birth control pills.

    I was told to stop the pills 3-4 months before starting ttc. But I will be starting a new job in January and I want to get a couple months of work under my belt before we start ttc. Therefore I don't want to go off my pills 4 months before I'm ready and get pregnant right away! I know legally a woman being pregnant should not effect her job, but I don't really want to be "that girl" who gets hired and is pregnant 3 weeks later, ya know? But I also don't want to wait until the month we are ready and stop the pills then, because what if it takes 6 months from then to get pregnant? I think that would be very stressful!

    Ugh. I don't know if I am trying to control this situation too much or if I should just stop the pills and see what happens.

    Does anyone have some experience they are willing to share?
    I am wondering about getting pregnant after the pill? How long did it take you or someone you know?
    What about jobs? Do you think getting pregnant within 6 months or so of starting a new career is a huge no-no???

    I've beat this conversation to death with my husband, but I am still stressing about it, so I wanted to hear some outside opinions!!

    Thanks berries

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    It took my husband and I 8 months to get preggo after I stopped the pills, after being on them for about 15 years. But as you said, there's lots of women who get pregnant the first or second cycle. My friend April got pregnant within a few weeks of stopping, right when she was starting a brand new teaching job. She threw up every day for 6 months and was pretty miserable! But she made it work because that's how it unfolded for her. Unfortunately, there's just no way to know or predict it. It's going to happen how it's going to happen for you and your body. So you're going to have to decide which is more important for you and go with that - the job thing or the baby thing. We can all tell you our experiences, they're all going to vary quite a bit - but your experience will be your own and there's just no way to predict it. We ended up losing that first pregnancy at 10 weeks, then we waited another year to try again, then it took 2 months for this one (and we're at 32 weeks now). Some women it will take 2 years, some 2 weeks! Good luck with whatever you choose!
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    You could get pregnant right away, especially if you take the "mini pill" (progestin only, no estradiol) or it could delay everything just a bit. Even if you weren't taking the pill, it would be completely normal not to get pregnant for a few months just by chance. Getting pregnant is something you just can't completely control.
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    You could go off the pill and then switch to barrier methods (condoms, diaphragm, etc.) for a few months. That way the hormones from the pill are out of your system and you have had a few cycles without them (by which time most people are fertile). The barrier method can be stopped whenever you and your partner want on short notice, or continued as long as you need to get settled in your new job.

    Be sure to check out what is required to qualify for maternity leave in your province/state. In some jurisdictions you need to be at a job for a certain number of weeks or months to be entitled to pregnancy/parental leave. If that's the case where you live, you may want to be sure you've put in the required amount of weeks first before ttc so you can take advantage of these rights.

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    It took me almost a year after I stopped taking the pill. But some women can and do get pregnant right away. You can't really control it, so I think you're stressing yourself for no reason trying to plan it out. Stop using birth control when you're ready to have a baby, then give it some time. You could always compromise by stopping hormonal birth control 3-4 months early to give your body a time to adjust and use a barrier method in the mean time until you're really ready to start trying to concieve, but still don't expect it to happen on the first try, because it may not.
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