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    I suggest talking to your doctor because a lot depends on the pill you're taking.

    You can be off the pill and be careful so you don't get pregnant right away and start ttc when you're ready. As far as I know getting pregnant next month after you stop taking the pill might be a bit stressful for your body.
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    It may take a few months to get pregnant, it may happen right away, but don't go off the pill without using other BC methods if you aren't ready to get pregnant right away. If you want to go off the pill before you want to TTC, just use other methods until you are able to say "yes I would be happy if I got pregnant this month." That's the best idea I think, but whatever makes you feel the most comfortable is what you should do.
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    I was taking Alesse because I'm small & my body is very sensitive to hormones (Alesse has a lower dose than a lot of other pills), anyway I came off the pill at the beginning of October 2011, and intended to start TTC in January 2012... Instead, I got pregnant within just a few days of coming off the pill. I had some bleeding after that but I think it was implantation bleeding rather than an actual period.
    I might be just one of those SUPER fertile people though. With this baby I got pregnant while breastfeeding which is fairly unusual.

    You could always come off the pill & just use condoms or try not to have sex near ovulation for a few months - that way your body can "detox" from the pill but you can be sure you won't get pregnant earlier than you plan.
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    Got pregnant with #4 right after going off the pill (I think it was Lutera) but I am one of those obnoxious "fertile Myrtle" types (knock on wood). My husband had recently had his vasectomy reversed, too, so we were very fortunate.

    I think gemmav had good advice; just go off it now if you'd like your hormones to re-calibrate, and use barrier methods until you're really ready.

    Good luck!
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    Going to echo everyone else. BC was a nightmare for me, so I'd give yourself a few months to reset your hormones and look into barrier methods until you're ready. Chart your cycle while you're waiting to get a better sense of your cycle without pills. Like everyone said, it could take several months to get pregnant.
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