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    CALLING ALL NAME NERDS!!! Help me help my sister!

    My poor sister has yet to fall in love with a name for her daughter she is expecting in 5 weeks! She would love a girls name that ends in "n". She, her husband, her step daughter and son all have names that end in "n".

    So far she has: Morgan and doesn't feel thrilled about it but, right now, it's the name to beat. I just want her to fall in love with a name and be excited and joyful about it. Right now it's just a bad, overwhelming, compromising decision.

    There are so many names out there but when we search girls names ending in "n" we keep seeing the same 15 names.

    I would even go a step further and ask if anyone can come up a girls name that end in "n" and has a "t" in the middle.....besides Caitlyn.

    Either girls names that :
    -end in "n"
    -end in "n" and have a "t" in the middle
    - girls names that just have a "t" in the middle.

    She is open to popular, creative, trendy, obscure, unisex......basically anything! You never know where love can find you so lets not limit ourselves! We're open to whatever you have to offer! Please, please help!!!!!
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