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    honest opinions on the name zara

    What do you think of the name Zara? We are having a second girl and her sisters name is Georgia.

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    All I can think when I hear the name "Zara" is of the short-lived character on the 90s version of Superman. But I doubt many other people will make that particular connection!
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    I love Zara, Zara Catherine has been on my list a long time and it gets great reviews usually. I think Zara is lovely and also like Zahra for a little more exotic oomph
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    I will be watching this thread closely because I love, love Zara.

    I like the fact that:
    -it stands out to me because it is not too common, but still easily pronounced and spelled.
    -it would fit any type of little girl, from sporty to sassy.

    I struggle with:
    -the fact that it may be perceived as a trendy name due to the Z at the beginning.
    -the worry I would hear a lot of "oh, they just switched the s in sara for a z" which is what a lot of people are doing to make a name "different."

    I do think it has a different feel than Georgia because it is a less "familiar" name (which heightens the appeal for me) but I think they work together fine.

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    I think of the clothing store. But I do like the look & sound of the name.
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