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    Also have very irregular cycles. We tried on our own with OPKs for about a year and a half before seeing a fertility specialist. We did about 6 months with Femara, and my eggs looked great but I never got pregnant. Decided I didn't want to try injectables. We were sad for a while, but then kind of decided we would travel and find other things to do with our lives. We weren't really trying or keeping track of anything at all anymore, but I just found out this week that I'm about 5 weeks pregnant! You never know what will happen. Best wishes to you --- may you find peace whatever the outcome.

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    Hello. If your cycles are between 25-35 days and are regular chances are very high that you're ovulating. If they're longer than this then the chances are low and if they're irregular the chances are very low. I definitely agree the first step is to get some ovulation test sticks and find out. If you have PCOS or another hormone imbalance these may not be reliable- most likely they'd be positive every day! You can also see your doctor for a 'Day 21 progesterone' test which will indicate whether you are ovulating. Yours wouldn't be done on Day 21 as the timing relates to your cycle length. (Day 1 = first day of period)

    If you're not ovulating the next step would be to try clomid (clomiphene citrate) the ovulation induction drug. This would require regular transvaginal scans to monitor for something called Ovarian Hyperstimulation which is very rare but very serious (ITU kind of serious).

    So, id recommend you investigate whether you're ovulating and not just carry on hoping you are as the chances are actually pretty low with long irregular cycles.

    Hope that was helpful

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    Another way to get to know your body and understand your cycle is to become firm freinds with your cervix if you are not squeamish. There is lots of great info on line about how to do it.
    My fertlity specialist suspected I might not be ov'ing every month so put me on clomid to kick start things. I fell the month I came off it.
    Good luck and have fun baby dancing x

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    @liliawillow Thanks for the advice. I'm 99% sure that I do ovulate on a consistent basis, but next cycle I'll be using some OPKs and charting my temp and all that to try and pinpoint some of the specifics and make sure. We're going to try on our own for at least 4 or 5 cycles before trying any medications as I try to avoid them if I can, but if it comes to that we will likely go for it as I've heard many great success stories! I'm not anti-medication my any means, just I prefer to exhaust my options before resorting to it.
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