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    TTC with long and irregular cycles... looking for some encouragement!

    Me and my darling husband recently started trying to cook up our first little one. I have always had long cycles, around 45 days or so, though I'm unsure how consistent that is as I've never tracked them until now. I had never really thought about the fact that my long cycles might make getting pregnant more difficult, and now I'm realizing that it could be a pretty big problem. I don't want to stress about it because Lord knows that won't help, but I would love to hear from some moms who went through the same thing and came out on the other side, or even get some tough love from those who haven't had huge success in the babymaking department.

    BTW, I'm a new poster (been registered over a year but have mostly lurked) and I am thrilled at what a fun community this is! I'm excited to get to know some other name enthusiasts

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    You could try looking up some stuff on tracking ovulation with charting. It can help you find the days that are best to baby dance.
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    I think your best bet would be to chart your cycle with your bbt for a few months. I've only just started doing it so I don't know how best to explain it, but is very helpful. Once your chart a few months you'll get a better idea of when you're about to ovulate and when best to time having sex. I also use opks which tell you when you have your LH surge when you're about to ovulate.
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    Basal body temp is a cheap and easy way to start getting to know your body's cycle and soon a pattern will develop as far as ovulation goes. And you're right, stress is probably the best way to prevent yourself from getting pregnant! So try to stay stress-free and *zen* like. Good luck!!!!

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    Highly recommend the OPK's too! They take a TON of guesswork out of it and make life much easier. Most women here will recommend the WondFo brand but I didn't like them, they were just as confusing and there was just as much guessing for me. I coughed up the bigger bucks for the digital OPK's you can buy at Target or WalMart and knew exactly when I was going to ovulate thanks to the smiley face, zero guessing or trying to read the lines or whatever. Good luck!

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