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    Creating Sibsets/Adding Middles to My List!

    Okay, so I've recently gone through a thorough analysis of my (very long) list, and came up with a short list of names I would actually use for my hypothetical children, with potential nicknames for some. I'll list them below; what I need help with is coming up with sibling sets/middle names. I'll include a short list of family names at the bottom for middle name options. Also, I'm completely open to new suggestions based on my list; anything is appreciated!

    Arthur (Art)
    Jasper (Jay)
    Julian (Jude)
    Schuyler (Sky)

    Amara (Amy)
    Amity (Amy)
    Florence (Flora)

    Family Names/Middles: Tammy (think I want to use "Tamsin" for this, my mom's name), Lila, Lynne, Elizabeth, Diane, Rosemary, David, Jacob, Zachary, Daniel Thomas

    Thanks so much, berries!
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    I love your names!
    My favourites would be:
    Arthur Zachary, Julian Thomas, Oliver Zachary and Dante Jacob.
    Celia Tamsin (although I prefer Cecelia), Florence Lila (although I prefer Flora alone), Imogen Rosemary and Amity Elizabeth
    Favourite sibsets: Arthur Zachary and Imogen Rosemary
    Celia/Cecelia Tamsin and Imogen Rosemary
    Julian Thomas and Amity Elizabeth
    Arthur Zachary and Julian Thomas
    Best of luck!

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    Arthur - I like it; a good strong name.
    Dante - I like the literary connection, but the only Dante I've ever known was a big jerk.
    Jasper - Not my fave.
    Julian (Jude) - I like Jude, but not so much Julian.
    Oliver - of Dickens fame.
    Rowan - Always felt more feminine to me.
    Schuyler (Sky) - Again, feels a bit girly.

    Amara (Amy) - Hmm, not my favorite.
    Amity (Amy) - As in Amityville horror? No thanks.
    Azrael - Makes me think of the (male) angel Aziraphale.
    Celia - Pretty.
    Florence (Flora) - gorgeous.
    Imogen - Nice.
    Indigo - I like it a lot, but I'd save it for the middle.
    Nessa - Nice.

    Boys: Caspian, Oscar, Sasha, Milo, Torin, Nolan, Dodger
    Girls: Temperance, Liora, Cecily, Ingrid, Tessa, Azura

    Combos (with your names)

    Arthur Jacob
    Arthur Zachary
    Arthur Thomas
    Oliver Thomas

    Florence Tamsin
    Florence Lila
    Florence Elizabeth
    Florence Rosemary
    Nessa Tamsin
    Nessa Lynne
    Nessa Rosemary
    Adam Amedeo Avi Connor Dmitri Enjolras Leo Milo Ronan
    Artemis Cicely Elisabeth Evangeline Mirabelle Ophelia Rosalie Titania

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    Arthur (Art) - LOVE!
    Dante - there are pronunciation issues with this name depending on where you live. Maybe use as a middle?
    Jasper (Jay) - love Jasper, it's so fresh yet still known.
    Julian - seems a bit old IMO
    Oliver - cute!
    Rowan - I prefer Roman but interesting. A lot of girls now have this name also.
    Schuyler(Sky) - cool name but there would be pronouniation issues again and constantly having to spell it out. Sky is cute, although I like it better on a girl.

    Amara- can I suggest Tamara? That would also fit with Tammy.
    Amity(Amy) - cute but nms
    Azrael- I don't know if I like it or not but it sounds intriguing
    Celia - I like Cecilia better.
    Florence (Flora) - I like Flora more on its own.
    Imogen - don't like this name very much. I prefer Imogene (Im-oh-Jeen)
    Indigo - nms
    Nessa - Vanessa?

    Arthur Thomas, Jasper David and Amity Lila.

    Florence Rosemary, Celia Tasmin, Oliver Thomas and Julian Zachary.
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