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Thread: Is Maya trendy?

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    I absolutely love Maya! I only know one (around 20). Have you read the children's book Journey to the River Sea? It made me fall head over heels in love with Maia/Maya when I read it, and the love has stuck with me!
    If you love Anna and Claire, WDYT of Clara? I adore Clara - and it's very underused. It makes me think of the lovely girl in Heidi. Best of luck!

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    I like Maya!! You should use it.. I also like Anna and Nora (no h).

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    I love the name and dislike the Maya spelling. I don't find it trendy. I dislike Maya because I keep trying to say may-ah and I'm certain other people would. I love the Maia spelling, the original spelling. But no, I don't find Maia trendy. She has a lot of history.

    In Greek mythology she's one of the Pleiades and the mother of Hermes. She's the daughter of Atlas. Maia also relates to a word used an an honorific for women and her name can mean midwife.

    In Roman mythology, Maia embodied growth. In some times she was related to Earth.

    And of course it's the fourth brightest star in the Pleiades. She's a blue giant. ^_^

    That's the long way of saying there's too much history there for me to ever think of Maia as trendy, even with the Maya spelling. :P -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Yes, Maya is popular. No, Maya is not trendy. A lot of people tend to confuse popular for trendy. Not all popular names are trendy and not all trendy names are top 100 popular.

    Maya first appeared on the charts in 1970 and has slowly risen since then. It took a few big leaps around 1975 and 1990 but yeah, popular, not trendy.
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    I like both Maya and Maia. You can also spell it like Maja. It's most used that way here in Scandinavia. If you want some other options it's not that unusual in Sweden to use Meya or Meja. It has an even more appealing sound, in my opinion (and language).

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