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Thread: Is Maya trendy?

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    Is Maya trendy?

    My hubs and I are having trouble agreeing on a name that we both love. We have stumbled upon Maya and it is growing on both of us. I told a friend of mine today that we were considering it and she said that she thought it was super trendy. I don't mind common, but I don't want something in the trendy category. We tend to like classic names and Maya has a different feel than the others.

    I would choose Jane, but my hubs is veto-ing it.

    We like Anna, Claire, and Norah but none of them are sticking with us.

    Any suggestions? Thoughts on Maya?

    Thanks, ladies!

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    !0 years ago Maya was ranked #272 on the SSA list and is now at #63, so I would say it's definitely popular and could rise since 2 syl. girls names ending in a are a trend.

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    It has a longer history of use so it's definitely grounded in use, but it does feel "on trend" if not trendy per se. I'd say Anna, Claire, and Jane are much more true classics (even though Anna and Claire in particular are also quite popular), Norah is somewhere between those three and Maya (Nora without the H is more classic), more classic and less on trend, and Maya is definitely the closest to trendy - but it's still not where Madison was 5-10 years ago or anything like that.

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    I wouldn't call Maya trendy. Just popular. I like it! It feels so versatile yet still very pretty. I also like the Greek spelling, Maia.

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    I think it's on-trend, but maybe not outright trendy. Claire and Nora(h) are pretty popular at the moment, too, I hear them everywhere. Maya is nowhere near as classic as the other names you mentioned, though, it's definitely the odd one out on your list.
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