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    siblings for Ainsley and Griffin

    Searching for a boy and a girl name to complete my sib set.

    My children are Ainsley Morgan (girl) and Griffin Oliver (boy). Ainsley Morgan was chosen by my DH and her name was chosen long before I found nameberry. I chose Griffin Oliver after many months on nameberry. We're trying to choose a name for baby number 3.

    We like British/Irish names as my dad's family is from Ireland, and my DH's family lives in England, Scotland, and Wales. But we're not tied to names of those origins.

    I'd like to have a cohesive sibset, but not matchy names. I'm just not sure what "cohesion" means to me - same origin? same popularity? alphabetical order? (I've noticed that totally unintentionally both my kids have 7 letters in their first name and 6 letters in their mn, and both posess the name of a character from the West Wing - Ainsley and Oliver.)

    My boys list and girls list both have over thirty names each and I'm feeling the need to narrow them down or get some fresh names on them. Gwyneth is my absolute favorite for a girl. I don't have a favorite for a boy. Some of the names on my list with personal meaning: Malcolm, Leo, and Angelo.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions for some sibling names. (First and middle).


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