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    @ruolan - Grumpy cat it is then! Then I'll get an excuse to be grumpy and get away with it . Besides if I was a ninja, I would have to carry around a (fake) sword, which really doesn't seem like something I would do.
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    Yes the avengers would have been a lot of fun, I really wanted to be black widow, especially because I have ginger hair . I do like the Addams family, more Original.

    Everyone sounds like they have some awesome, creepy and super cute costumes for themselves and kiddos.

    Can't wait! Only 11 days left.
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    Jarlaxle shows up in the second book of RA Salvatore's Drizzt books. He's a mercenary, very suave, very charming, and very deadly. He has lots of cool magics and lots of pretty lady friends :P and he has the coolest friends. He comes back more and more frequently until he;s playing a vital role and he gets his own books. On the cover of one, he rides a nightmare (link) :P

    Also, now I have quotes by him in my sig nature even though they have nothing to do with anything. :P -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I'm 12, so I can get away with going trick-or-treating for one more year. My parents are saying I'll be too old when I'm 13, so I want to make this the best Halloween ever! I'm going as a goddess. Aphrodite to be exact. I'll curl my hair and pull it back with a clip, wear gold dangly earrings, have a pink flower crown, wear gold flats, and have a super pretty dress. It's pink ombre (fading from light pink to dark pink) going down to my ankles, with pink sequin flowers all over it! Halloween is the best holiday in my opinion, even slightly better than my birthday or Christmas!
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    I'm currently playing the "See how long I can get away with wearing regular clothes for Halloween, but still be 'dressed up'" game. This year, I was a nudist on strike for the Honors college's Halloween party. Last year I was a pedestrian, the year before that, I was a wizard masquerading as a Muggle, and the year before that my friend and I dressed up as each other.
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