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    I didn't dress up last year (I'm getting a wee bit old, which is sad) but I think I'm dressing up this year. A close friend of mine is turning 18 on Halloween, and we're going to surprise her by taking her to a showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I'm not entirely sure if we're wearing costumes, but if we are, I'm planning to go as Magenta. So big hair, crazy heavy makeup, and a maid outfit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aj_bear View Post
    I didn't dress up last year (I'm getting a wee bit old, which is sad)
    There's a such thing as being too old to dress up?? I didn't get that memo, and if I had I'd toss it in the trash alongside all the other memos that tell me I'm too old for such-and-such. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some pirates to battle.
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    I love Halloween! I haven't dressed up in years (I'm too bashful, I guess), but I've been looking forward to dressing up Miss Mo. It's nice while she's still little I can dress her however I want! Last year was her first Halloween, but this will be her first time trick-or-treating. She was a mermaid last year, since it was the only year she would be young enough not to need her legs. She has 2 costumes this year, a gnome (but I've been calling it a Munchkin) and a flower (it was only $5 and so cute I couldn't resist). We have a Halloween party to go to next weekend, then a trick-or-treat play group thing, and a party/trick-or-treat at my husband's job for all the employees' kids, plus trick-or-treating and handing out candy in our own neighborhood, so she'll have plenty of opportunities to wear both costumes.
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    For this Halloween, I'm either going to be a ninja (cause all I need to do is dress in all black) or that grumpy cat. Found a really cute 'grumpy cat' mask on Etsy, but not sure if I should order it or not.
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    I'm loving all your ideas!!! I enjoy going to G rated events (haunted houses, pumpkin patches, etc) but I don't have kids, so I just feel weird...

    megz: avengers would have been fun, but you will probably run fewer duplicate members of the Addam's family!

    fey: Merlin & Arthur is awesome and I totally agree that we are never too old to do fun things (:

    juniper: your cocktail party sounds awesome! I wish my new place was big enough to host!

    Angel: Jarlaxle looks so cool, but I think you should educate your peers about his real identity. BTW what book is he from? I'm sure your little lion will be ferociously adorable!

    aj: I don't think you'll be the only one dressed up at a showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show! Have fun!

    Kathryn: I think I would squeal with delight over your little gnome, just saying.

    Catalina: depending on cost, I say go with grumpy cat! my BIL went as a ninja one year to a party and at the end of the night people were still trying to figure out who he was... so with either costume, I'm curious if you will also play the part (:

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