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    Playing Dress Up

    I've always loved Halloween for the chance to dress up and have been glued to this awesome site for the last two days. I don't know if I will have a chance to wear a costume this year, but I was curious if you are headed out to a party or dress up with your kids: What will you be for Halloween this year?

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    I love Halloween, and this is the first year I convinced my husband to dress up. I wanted to do the avengers, but buying everyone costumes that were all $40-70 was to much. So I went with The Addams family, I got all our clothes at a second hand store, and wigs for my daughter and I. Our town does a Halloween carnival in the rec centre, they have little centres set up for kids to collect candy, and games. And, of course a "haunted house"
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    I love dressing up! This year SO is going to be Merlin and I'm going to be King Arthur. We're going to a haunted house, watching scary movies and hanging with kooky people. Fun, fun.

    girlymegz: Addams family sounds great. We usually get bits and pieces at thrift stores and make our costumes. They're always so interesting, and we're guaranteed to be the only person in the costume.
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    Love Halloween! We're having friends over for drinks the Saturday night beforehand and going for a Carn-evil theme Hubby will be an evil clown and I'm going as a ringmaster.
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    I'm going to my first Halloween party every. :P I'm going to be my favorite character from one of my favorite book series. He's a dark elf named Jarlaxle (that's a link) but since no one at that party will get it, I'm telling everyone I'm a pirate since he looks a lot like one (even though he's way awesomer than a pirate :P ).

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