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    Ways to let go of a name?

    Does anyone have any ways to let go of a name? I'm really bummed out, actually I teared up when I found out my cousin's new baby is named a name that I have loved for years and I had always told Hubby that it would be my first daughters name and he loved it too. I just.. I will feel bad if I use it now because I didn't have a baby girl first. I'll add that I only see them every over Thanksgiving because they switch Thanksgiving and Christmas each year with families and I spend thanksgiving with my family every year and Christmas with Hubby's family. This never even crossed my mind because her last child was 10 years ago so since I'm the only one who is old enough now that didn't have children I kinda thought I didn't have to worry about loosing a name.

    Thank you for reading.
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    I won't presume to tell you whether you should let it go; only you know whether you can reconcile yourself to using the name anyway. I can sympathize with you, though. There are a few names I have liked - even loved - that I have given up for various reasons. Some I've abandoned because everyone else loves them, too, and others I have put on the "no" list because they generated consistent, negative reactions from others. I've noticed that it's a little like a mourning process. You'll think you've let it go but then you'll find yourself trying to justify using it. Then you'll convince yourself it's not worth forcing it when there are so many great names out there.

    It's probably more than a name to you - it's part of a vision you've had for your child and who she will be. Now you have to establish a slightly different vision. It will take some time, but eventually you're likely to fall in love with another name.
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    I tend to be overly emotional about everything. This name was both in my family tree and Hubby's family tree. On the side that my cousin is not on. So it was a memorial name and I guess it makes it harder to let go but, I don't want my Cousin to hate me for 'name stealing.'
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