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    Ceridwen Isolde Faustine! (That is if you're sure you're not gonna use Isolde as a first..?) Ceridwen and Faustine are amazing together and Isolde is one of my favorites names! My second choice would be Ceridwen Sonja Alcyone, but this is only if Isolde is banned from the firsts. I feel Alcyone would be more fitting with Sylvestra, if I'm honest. Either way you can't go wrong, but good look choosing, it must be the real mission impossible!
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    Mmm Sonja! She's so Greta Garbo to me for some reason. I get the cozy, Christmasy ice-skaterish vibe too, but it's also sleek and sexy and slyly beautiful - a spy name.
    Ceridwen Sonja Faustine is gorgeous. Ice and fire. It feels suited to a magical little snowchild, or a powerful grownup lady. I love Isolde too so I'm torn, but Sonja and Faustine really do something for each other. Those two Ss, and the "ee" sounds. Have you ever seen the Sally Potter version of Orlando? Ceridwen Sonja Faustine reminds me of the scene where they're all having supper by candlelight on the frozen Thames.. Everyone's in ice skates and amazing Elizabethian velvety dark costumes, and there's this fierce little Russian princess who steals Orlando's heart... Anyway. Nice name. Beats Gerda by a mile!

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    I wish everyone could just agree with each other so my brain didn't have to work. I love both Isolde and Sonja. I'm having some real trouble here.

    Fey; that would be an idea, but I think it would confuse me? I'm easily confused. I love Alcyone so much. Maybe I should just start an A theme for my children and name er Alcyone?

    Pernille; interesting. Alcyone with Sylvestra. Sylvestra Freyja Alcyone, I like it.

    Carla; thank you, how wonderful to get some Ceridwen Sonja Isolde support! Princess is what we're going for.

    Emma; I love that movie. And that scene is amazing. I adore Tilda Swinton, she's the best. You might just have convinced me on Ceridwen Sonja Faustine. And Great Garbo, I love her! So beautiful and ice-like, truly a fabulous creature. Thanks sweetie
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    Do you like Cerdiwen Sonja Isolde? I think the beginning of Isolde and the end of Sonja are different enough they don't blur together and I think it's a very beautiful combo that does what you want. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Okay, so it sounds like you've narrowed it down to some combination of Isolde, Faustine, Sonja and Alcyone, yes? I don't think you can go wrong with any of those, they're all gorgeous. Why don't you make a list of what those names mean to you. What do they say? What imagery comes to mind? Which compliments Ceridwen the best? Personally, I'd put Sonja and Faustine more in the mittens, books, hot chocolate side, and Isolde and Alcyone in the magic, icy, dancing under the stars in the snow side. If Alcyone is one you'll regret tucking into the middle, I'd strongly suggest putting it aside and mulling it over as a first.
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