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    I am so pleased that you like Ceridwen so much. I am not much good with suggestions for your genre but what about:

    Ceridwen Maura Soleil
    Ceridwen Ianthe Celeste
    Ceridwen Melisande Aurora
    Ceridwen Aoife Bluebell (yes I still love Bluebell three years after my gdaughter was named)

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    No, for some reason they don't send it here (you've talked about it before and it sounds really good), but I totally get your picture of her Haha, I couldn't help it, one must wave the flag for the Scandinavian names - especially when most of them fit so eloquently with Ceridwen. I'm so glad that you like Ceridwen Ingrid Elbereth, I'm really loving that one myself
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    I just wanted to say once more that Ceridwen is one of the greatest names ever. EVER. This is an irrefutable fact. No combos for you right now, but I read through some of the responses and berries have suggested a lot of truly beautiful combos. I'm utterly enchanted with all of them.
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    Hanbow; Foxglove's beautiful, but I like it more for a boy. Ceridwen Vesper Ingrid and Ceridwen Nephele Aurore are both gorgeous. Thanks!

    Reverie; Isn't Sylvestra fantastic?? I'm madly in love with this one, and she's the only one I've got a perfect combo for so at the moment it's my front runner. Lots of nice combos, these are my favourites:
    Ceridwen Euphrosyne Aurore - This is so beautiful, you've found the right spot for Euphrosyne! Well done!!!
    Ceridwen Natasha Heleyne
    Ceridwen Eira Clemency
    Ceridwen Chione Sunniva

    Thank you so much!!!

    Emma; yes, Winnie is wonderful!! I'm glad you're on board with Aurore, I also love Aurora, but for some reason I like the French emphasis on the last syllable with Ceridwen. Clemency is beautiful, it's one I would love to use for this baby as it's possible the most beautiful name in the world. Amaryllis is a gorgeous flower, but I'm not crazy about it as a name. Myrtle, I do think it's sweet but I think of Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter and she's soooo annoying. Ayelet is perfect though. It's gorgeous and a nice way to incorporate something Israeli into the name. And Amoret... the cutest little name of the bunch. We love these:
    Ceridwen Clemency Aurore
    Ceridwen Clemency Amoret
    Ceridwen Heleyne Amoret
    Ceridwen Clemency Elbereth
    Ceridwen Clemency Heleyne
    Ceridwen Ingrid Heleyne
    Ceridwen Alcyone Aurore
    Ceridwen Natasha Amoret
    Ceridwen Anastasia Faustine
    Ceridwen Crimson Isolde
    Ceridwen Anastasia Synneve
    Ceridwen Chione Elbereth
    Ceridwen Clarimond Heleyne
    Ceridwen Sunniva Elbereth
    Ceridwen Circe Heleyne

    Which are almost all of them. I will have to do some more narrowing down of these!! Thanks so much, Emma!! And I know, the one without a coat does look cold!!!

    Moonie; Ceridwen Lilje Ingrid is beautiful! I'm glad you love Ceridwen, seems to be an all-over favourite!!

    Angel; Don't worry! I'm glad you took some time to make combos for me, and I'm sure these are all beautiful!!!
    Ceridwen Chione Aurore
    Ceridwen Chione Elbereth
    Ceridwen Eowyn Chione
    Ceridwen Chione Faustine
    Ceridwen Eowyn Faustine
    Ceridwen Elbereth Faustine
    Ceridwen Aurore Faustine (Ceridwen Aurora Faustine)
    Ceridwen Eira Faustine
    Ceridwen Elbereth Snow
    Ceridwen Eirlys Chione
    Ceridwen Nova Faustine
    Ceridwen Faerydae Faustine
    Ceridwen Aurore Faerydae
    Ceridwen Elbereth Parizada
    Ceridwen Chione Zennor (Oooh, I love Zennor here!!)

    See? So many utterly beautiful ones. Husband hasn't looked at these yet though... Thank you so much!!

    Rollo; oooh Ceridwen Melisande Aurore is beautiful!

    Elja; I thought not, I think it's a Norwegian and German thing. It's probably not as good as I think, I've watched it every year since I was two so it's very nostalgic for me. THIS is a link to the movie on youtube (with a Norwegian actor dubbing all the voices), if you skip to 15 min into the film that's pretty much how Ceridwen is to me. Yes, Ceridwen Ingrid Elbereth is definitely one of my (and Husband's) favourites!!!

    Fey; Yay! One of the greatest names ever, that's good! It's so wonderful when you love a name and then having all the berries say all these wonderful things and it makes you love the name even more... (yes, we all (or me at least) hate our combos every now and then. Don't worry, they'll soon look lovely again. Thora Silmariën is gorgeous even though it's disappeared... my very favourite of your names!!)
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    Some of the names in your middles list feel a bit heavy (like Eurydice, Faustine, etc). I think I'd like to see a touch of whimsy in this combo, and something a little bit on the lighter side, delicate snowflakes and all, you know? Also a bit more of the starry night feel?

    Ceridwen Elbereth Astrid
    Ceridwen Lilje Bellatrix
    Ceridwen Ingrid Celestia
    Ceridwen Celestia Ermine
    Ceridwen Cyra Heleyne
    Ceridwen Livny Soleil
    Ceridwen Tinuviel Ingrid (I know this uses another of your favorites, but I can't stand the thought of Tinuviel not being used, and it's the perfect starry-night name. Along with Ceridwen, it makes for the pefect SNOWY starry-night name, and with Ingrid, it's a delicate snow sprinkled in starlight!)

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    Looks like it's a girl!

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