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    Snowfall and Snowangels: Middles for Ceridwen

    We've found our seven little names and are heading into the land of middles. I'm so excited Husband likes Ceridwen, so we'll begin with my little snow beauty.

    Ceridwen's a snow day; the morning after the first snowfall when the world is quiet, soft, white and pure. The way the pale sun shines through the forest, robins chirping blissfully in the trees. She's star shine making the snow look like thousands of teeny tiny diamonds, foxes footprints in the snow. Making snow lanterns, snow angels, skating on the pond and skiing down the hills, running through the fresh snow where none has gone before. Snowflakes and the warmth in the cold. She's the feeling of frosty, rosy cheeks, being wrapped in wool and fur, coming inside to blazing fires and hot chocolate. Board games and tattered woolen jumpers. Candlelight, cinnamon cake, reading Little Women curled up under a knitted throw, frozen toes defrosting. This is the feeling I get from this name. I obviously do not know what my Ceridwen would be like, but I imagine a Ceridwen as someone bookish, clever, wise, cosy, individual, tough. Someone who'd like to live by herself in an ivy covered cottage writing a book on flower lore or something.

    Inspirational photos:
    one - two - three - four - five


    These are the middles I've been thinking about, but I'm very happy for you to use others:
    Astrid (AH-stree)
    Ingrid (ING-ree)
    Lilje (LIL-yeh)
    Natasha, Nathalie

    I don't really have any combinations in mind, we used to have Ceridwen Chione Solenne on our list, but Husband admitted he's not overly fond of Solenne and he's so-so on Chione (keeping Chione just in case though!).

    We're doing two middles, surname begins with L and is a hyphenated 2-1 syllable mess.

    Thank you for reading!
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    No Eilonwy anymore? I really like the idea of Ceridwen Eilownwy Ingrid for you, it sounds so very wintery to me, but I'll think up others using the names you have if you'd like?

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    Ceridwen is definitely one of my favourites from your seven chosen. I love your imagery of her and reading it I really thought that she would be kind of perfect with Ingrid (though my love for Ingrid probably makes me slightly biased, lol). I also love Elbereth with Ceridwen (so obviously Ceridwen Ingrid Elbereth sounds quite smashing to me ).

    Ceridwen Astrid Elbereth
    Ceridwen Astrid Éowyn
    Ceridwen Astrid Eurydice
    Ceridwen Astrid Heleyne
    Ceridwen Chione Ingrid
    Ceridwen Eira Elbereth
    Ceridwen Eira Heleyne
    Ceridwen Ingrid Elbereth
    Ceridwen Ingrid Éowyn
    Ceridwen Ingrid Eurydice
    Ceridwen Ingrid Heleyne
    Ceridwen Ingrid Natasha
    Ceridwen Lilje Clemency
    Ceridwen Lilje Eurydice
    Ceridwen Lilje Nathalie

    (A few) suggestions:
    Ceridwen Chione Eimyrja
    Ceridwen Eimyrja Aurore
    Ceridwen Eimyrja Chione
    Ceridwen Sága Elbereth
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    I'm quite fond of Ceridwen and Chione together, even though I normally don't care for alliteration, so here's some possible replacements for Solenne:

    Ceridwen Chione Sonja
    Ceridwen Chione Stella
    Ceridwen Chione Astrid

    And some non-Chione combos:

    Ceridwen Eurydice Natasha
    Ceridwen Lucia Snow
    Ceridwen Isolde Faustine
    Ceridwen Nathalie Aurore
    Ceridwen Theophania Ingrid
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    Ooh little Winnie! Love those little snow-bright apple cheeks

    Though I adore Astrid and Eurydice, I think they're a bit too repetitive on the RID syllable. Same with Ingrid, and the WENs in Ceridwen and Eowyn.

    I too am in love with Ceridwen and Elbereth together…the very sound of Elbereth is like the soft cloud one's breath makes when one is huffing and puffing in the winter air. Gotta run for now, but I think my top pick would have to be Ceridwen Elbereth Heleyne – perfection!
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