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Thread: Azura Vs Honora

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    Azura Vs Honora

    Hello, Going_Merry here with a query. Which weird name is better: Azura or Honora? This is for a book I'm doing set in the future. For some weird reason when the 2020s came around weird, unusual names became the trend. You'd be hipster to name your child born in 2024 "Charlotte" or "Henry" and such. So, which is better: Azura or Honora? I don't want any other suggestions because I'm suddenly in love with both those names for this character.

    About her: she is blind, uses her cane and vibrations to get around, she has the power to grant small wishes (e.g want a small glass of water? She'll make it rain into a cup), is eighteen, she has shoulder length black hair, she has intensely blue eyes (so I thought Azura), prone to fainting when things get too bad for her to cope, great with kids, doesn't have a fondness for animals though, bit of a peacemaker (so I thought Honora since that's quite honorable) and she also loves sweets.

    So, what's better? Azura or Honora?
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    Azura, mostly because of the blue eyes.

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    Oh, I adore the name Honora, but I love Azura as a futuristic name that's totally her.
    What nicknames would feel more "her"? If you can imagine people calling her Hon or Az more easily, that might help.

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    Azura all the way xx

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    Of the two, I like Azura better for the character you described. :-)
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