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    Talking A look inside my name journal...

    Since I seem to be a moderately confident name-nerd, I have decided to share what I've written in my name journal this week. Please let me know if you love, like, dislike, or something along the lines of the brutal, "Please God bless a child burdened with this name." I need honest feedback please. If there are any names you think I might like, please do share Thank you.

    Fantasy Quadruplets:
    Josephina Aubrielle
    Dominique Oriana
    Elisabeth Jordan (jordan is grandpa's middle name)
    Alexandria Quinn

    I seem to prefer long names for both girls and boys, since it leaves many nn options, mostly for the child/adult to have the choices of what they would like to be called, as this can change from age 5-25.

    Fantasy Quads Set2:
    Cypress Oriole
    Hyacinth Aurielle
    Juniper Florence or Juniper Florencia
    Oleander Xanthia *ex-ANTH-ia

    When I use the word fantasy, I mean I would never use many of these in order to avoid teasing, but I pretend we live in a world that I could use them without negative social repercussions.

    Last but not least, a set of boy quads:
    Tobias (tobin) Raphael
    Malachi (kai) Adriel
    Josiah (joey, jo) Gabriel
    Caleb (kay or cubby) Nathaniel

    If you've read over this whole thing and responded, thank you. Thank you even if you didn't respond but actually read this entire page.

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    There are very few names up there that I think are unusable! Most of those would make lovely combinations. The only two I might have reservations about are Oleander and Hyacinth. The rest are darling.

    Josephina Aubrielle - I like Josephine a little bit more (Josephina feels too forced) and Aubrielle feels like another one of those trendy mashup names, but there is really nothing essentially wrong with this name. Is this one of the names you'd "never use for fear of social repercussions"?! I don't see why, it's quite a normal name

    Dominique Oriana - Not a fan of Oriana, but Dominique is a great name. I think it's a very strong name, I associate it with a very athletic and driven young lady. Dominique Moceanu, Dominique Dawes, Dominique Monami...there was a Bond girl named Dominique, as well!

    Elisabeth Jordan - Thank you for not putting a Z in there! This one is very sweet. Again, no reason why you couldn't use this

    Alexandria Quinn - Darling! I haven't heard the name Alexandria in so long. This is precious

    Fantasy Quads Set2:
    Cypress Oriole - I have Cyprus on my boys list, Cypress is such a great change to make it a girls name. Love it. I don't see why you would have any negative social repercussions. I think Cypress is a darling name.

    Hyacinth Aurielle - Yeah this is the one I'm most iffy on. Hyacinth doesn't sound nice to me at all. It sounds like a bacteria of some sort lol and Aurielle just looks overly trendy and cree8tyv

    Juniper Florence or Juniper Florencia - Juniper Florence is nicer. I think Juniper is an adorable name. Juni/Juno/Nip are great NNs. No reason why you couldn't use this one either!

    Oleander Xanthia *ex-ANTH-ia - Oleander just doesn't sound like a name to sounds like a mashup name, if anything, and I'm not generally a fan. Xanthia I think is adorable as a middle name

    Tobias (tobin) Raphael - Tobias is an adorable name. I prefer the Toby NN (as I think Tobin is a full name in itself). Raphael is cute, I just don't think it sounds great with Tobias

    Malachi (kai) Adriel - LOVE the name Malachi. And if I hadn't watched Children of the Corn one too many times, Malachi would probably be on my own list.

    Josiah (joey, jo) Gabriel - My friend's little brother is named Josiah, his NN is joey. Gabriel is such a pretty boys name. Nothing wrong with this name either!

    Caleb (kay or cubby) Nathaniel - Caleb is such a sweet name. Reminds me of cherub. And Nathaniel is one of my favorite names ever.

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    Josephina Aubrielle- As tarynamber said, I find Josephine more appealing. While Aubrielle, though somewhat appealing, kind of reminds me of a cheese.
    Dominique Oriana- I absolutely adore Oriana, and I think it's great with Dominique
    Elisabeth Jordan (jordan is grandpa's middle name)- I love it spelled with an S! It gives it a softer, more feminine vibe. Jordan is a nice contrast to the traditional Elisabeth and they are a nice pair.
    Alexandria Quinn- This is a stunning combination!

    Cypress Oriole- This is so classy, yet unique and fresh. Love it!
    Hyacinth Aurielle- Auirielle is stunning. I don't know how I feel about Hyacinth.
    Juniper Florence or Juniper Florencia- Juniper Florence for sure!!
    Oleander Xanthia *ex-ANTH-ia- I love this combo. Simply fantastic.

    Tobias (tobin) Raphael- Such a cool combination. Idk if Tobin would work as a nm for Tobias.
    Malachi (kai) Adriel- Love Malachi, though I'm not feeling Adriel.
    Josiah (joey, jo) Gabriel- Surprisingly great combo!
    Caleb (kay or cubby) Nathaniel- This is charming
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    tarynamber and yolo199:

    In regards to bullying, I would only refuse to name my child something like Hyacinth or Oleander-except for a middle name if I still loved it. Not all of them are "fantasy" or guilty pleasure names.
    Most if not all my boys names were and are useable.
    Thank you both for your honest feedback. It's always good to have some constructive criticism.

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    Josephina Aubrielle - I've never liked either Josephine or Josephina, but that's just my personal opinion. Aubrielle just seems like less than the sum of its parts.
    Dominique Oriana - Not a fan of Dominique. Oriana is okay...I prefer Ariana. I'd be considered that she might have nickname Ora, which is one letter away from something with a rather negative connotation.
    Elisabeth Jordan - I adore Elisabeth...dislike Jordan. I'm not a fan of the sound, plus I always find it strange naming children after countries.
    Alexandria Quinn - By far the best of your first set. Alexandria is pretty, sounds nice with Quinn, though it's not my favorite.

    Cypress Oriole - Cypress is interesting; I like the sound, but dislike it visually. The middle name just make me think of the Baltimore Orioles.
    Hyacinth Aurielle - Hyacinth Aurore would be dreamy.
    Juniper Florence or Juniper Florencia - Juniper Florence is cute; I like Florence Juniper slightly better.
    Oleander Xanthia - Yikes. Oleander is a highly toxic flower, so I'd hate to be named after it. I'd be likely to pronounce Xanthia zan-thee-uh.

    Tobias (tobin) Raphael - Tobias is okay, but Tobin is an entirely separate name. I like Raphael.
    Malachi (kai) Adriel - I prefer Kai to Malachi. Adriel is okay.
    Josiah (joey, jo) Gabriel - Josiah is meh, I love Gabriel.
    Caleb (kay or cubby) Nathaniel - Nice.
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