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    Name Her Babies...

    Im gunna describe a couple and you name their babies!

    Dad- 30, works in an office, not exactly his "dream" job, but good money... loves too fish, hike, camp,and video games. Loves to spend time with his family and friends... muscles, about 6 feet tall, dark brown, almost black hair, usually hidden under a baseball cap, and brown eyes. Considers himself a "dork"
    Mom- 28, nurse,loves her job, works alot. loves to travel and wants her children to be able to travel the world. Cares deeply about world issues, loves to recylce and "be green", watch the news, read, and watching old 90s TV shows as well as ridiculous reality TV. Brown hair, green-blue eyes. Considers herself a "modern day hippie".

    They have been married for nearly 5 years.

    They want 3-4 children, hopefully close in age.

    Name those babies

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    Re: Name Her Babies...

    1. Jason River
    2. Bristol Brooke
    3. Dylan Hendrix
    4. Greenlee Michelle

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    Re: Name Her Babies...

    they had Son
    1. Preston Phoenix

    then a daughter

    2. Aurora Marcheline

    and they'd tried for one more and got two instead identical twin boys

    3.Hunter William


    4. Theron River

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    Re: Name Her Babies...

    I love that you both chose River, although this couple is fictional, River is actually one of my favorite names!!!!

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    Re: Name Her Babies...

    3 children,
    River Sloan (B)
    Honor Rose
    Sienna Lily

    River, Honor, Sienna. All a tad hippie, but still smart and sophisticated.
    Mom of one daughter, age 2, and name-enthusiast

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