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    I know plenty of people that lack style & make thoughtless choices in baby names, clothing, interior decor, hair/make-up choices, ect...but I would never think to be personally offended or to comment on these matters! Unless a name is outright offensive or if the person asked me specifically for my honest opinion I would never say a thing. I figure it's just different strokes for different folks and not everyone has the same taste as me...and I'm sure plenty of them think the names I love are insane

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    dramagrl19 Guest
    I am genuinely angry about the name Messiah. Ugh.

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    I've gotten annoyed, but never really mad. My friend told me the other day if she has a son when she's older she's going to name him SamIAm or Sam Iam. Like the Dr. Seuss book. I told her that was terrible and that her child would hate her if she did. She just said, "He could change it when he's older." She complains about her parents spelling her name weirdly (Kellie vs Kelly) and she's going to name her kid Sam I Am. And she was serious. I don't understand people.
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    My sister posted on Baby Name Genie, with 3 baby girl names to choose from for the one expected bub, all names were well-known except for one, i guess its my fault, i have met 5 girls with this one particular name and suggested it to her.....She posted a poll and the responses from ppl were absolutely disgusting by anybody's standards. Truly horrible, tasteless and cruel women with no self-respect who feel it's ok to be derogatory to someone because it's easy and anonymous. She was in tears no less than 20 minutes after posting.
    Disappointed in the human race; how dare anyone bully another, keep it in, go to another site etc. Have some self-respect.

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    Yes. All the time. I've never actually said anything though. Just the other day I saw my friend post on Facebook:

    "Here are my girls O!ivia and Be!la meeting their cousin Kaiden for the first time."

    I had to rage quit the page.

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