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    Paitlin? Wtf is this trend of adding any sound to Lin or Lyn and calling it a name?
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    @Augusta, I get what you mean though in some cases it does need to be changed but even then I would put their original name in the middle so that they still have some connection.
    I know siblings named Sky and Storm, I wanted to cry. They had a brother named Anthony. My godmother also fosters a Shakira which just sounds wrong on a little aboriginal girl.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bonfireazalea View Post
    There was another person named Honera Honera (or something like that, can't remember spelling). As in, her first name was the same as her last name.
    Reminds me of a newspaper article I was reading a good few years back now, when there were brothers named Gary and Phil Neville playing football (soccer) for England. It was an interview with their dad, who bore the name Neville Neville.

    Came across a little girl named Tiger yesterday at the shops and it frustrated me - she's a person, not a cat. Wanted to find out her older siblings' names but they were too well-behaved to have their name shouted out in the store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nephele View Post
    Paisley and Delilah are hippie names! Go hippies! Giinkies, what middle names were you considering to go with those two?

    To answer the question in the OP: No, I have never been "genuinely angry" about a baby name. Unusual names tend more to amuse or astonish me.

    -- Nephele
    Quote Originally Posted by giinkies View Post
    Hey Nephele,
    Yes go Hippies! I never reached the point of considering middles for these names as I put them in the guilty pleasure zone, they are gorgeous names but they are not for me. I have so many other names I like that I can cope with cutting loose these two and I also like that now I get to be more creative and find more unusual "hippie names" without the strong associations.
    Those "strong associations" that turned out to be negative for your family members can be positive for others. Hippies tend to create their own family groups and community, as many of their values also get negative reactions from more mainstream family members.

    The only sort of names with strong associations that would really provoke a negative reaction from me are names such as "Adolf Hitler" (actually given to a boy who was in the news a few years ago, involving a baker who refused to bake a cake with that name in icing on it).

    I can't understand anyone admiring Hitler and naming their child after him, unless that person happens to be a neo-nazi raising his/her children to be neo-nazis. And that makes me incredibly sad. Taken in perspective, something like that really eclipses all those "creative" or "unique" names that tend to get some other people worked up.

    -- Nephele
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    Oh, I would have had the same reaction as you! I hate boy names on girls and I hate kreeativ spellings, so I would have probably flipped the table over and walked out. Ahaha ohh my.
    I manage to keep my angry side contained most of the time, but I have gotten a little harsh with people on here before. I mean, sometimes, people have different tastes than I do and that's fine; for example, I would probably never use the name Oliver - but if you like it, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it! But there are some times when I just sit there and I'm like, "Okay. That is NOT okay."
    Against my better judgment, I'm going to go check out the baby name genie website. I'm in the mood to be pissed off, you know? Hahaha.

    Oh, I almost forgot - my brother was dating a girl who had three kids named Di@mondique (f), D@kira (f), and D@vonte (m). I almost threw up the first time I heard them. The children are adorable, but I cannot stop myself from coming up with good nicknames for them. Fortunately, I don't think it's really going anywhere with the girl, so I don't have to worry about introducing my nephew and nieces and have anyone think that I had anything to do with it. Goodness.
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