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    Quote Originally Posted by jeanne6629 View Post
    My sister's neighbor's children are a girl, Kylie, and a boy, Kyle. I'm serious. "We like the sound, " the parents said. I almost keeled over. Thing is, they're lovely people.
    They can name their next children Keely and Kai.

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    I don't know that I've ever gotten angry. I often find myself dismayed, especially now that I'm thinking much more about names. In Starbucks last week, I heard a woman calling to her kids from across the store - Jam and Coke. I kid you not. Sometimes, I confess, I find myself annoyed if someone who is engaging in some type of atrocious behavior has a small child and they've given it a name from my list of preferred choices.
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    Summit makes me think of a Northern couple unable to agree on a name: 'well, we've got to call him summat!' 'all right then, we'll call him Summat!'

    I think the worst I ever heard of personally was Tequila. I don't care how much you love it or how big a role it played in the conception of your child, it does not make it a suitable name for a human being.

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    Quote Originally Posted by violetgray View Post
    Actually, yes. Its mostly happened to me online though. I came across this other site where you could reply to polls anonymously. Most of the polls on the site I'm sure are fake as 99% of the posters are having baby girls, twin or triplet girls, with hardly a boy name post in sight. Most of the posts included awful trendy, made-up, boys names on girls. After a while I found myself getting inexplicably angry when someone insisted on naming their kid (insert ridiculous or trendy name here) and refused to listen to anyone who advised them against it. I had to stop going to that site because I it was just making more angry and bitter that these poor "kids" were being given these awful names and their parents were to obsessed with being "unique" to see it.
    Standing ovation. I completely agree with everything you've said here. Particularly infuriating: when a poster who's asked for advice on their (terrible, misspelled, trendy) list refuses all advice by insisting "But boys names on girls/adding unnecessary 'y's/[insert baby name sin here] is just MY STYLE. You don't get it because it's so UNIQUE."

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    Quote Originally Posted by celphd View Post
    I only think I've been truly angry over names was when I came across the sibset of Killem and Beatum while at work. Thankfully it was just paperwork I was looking over so no one was around to hear my literal outburst of "You've got to be kidding!,"
    Really?! I think I would have the same reaction, that's awful.

    As a teacher, I have definitely come across some names that really make me shake my head and think "poor kids, how awful," but nothing that has made me angry.
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