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    I don't know anyone

    who has named these horrible names, thankfully, but I get angry when I read about them.

    I am not keen on satanic names, to say the least. Bloodrayne, Craven, Lucifer --- scummy names.

    I don't really like any misspelled name. Disgust is probably more my feeling though than anger.

    I would try not to say anything though. I do know two lovely and educated women who misspelled their kids' names to make them unique and it would be nasty for me to comment on that.

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    I get annoyed at the misspelled names and the ppl who name their kids stupid things such as Seekrit Destinies (I kid you not) but actually ( and I'm sure I'm gonna get flack for this) the names that annoy me most are the pretentious names. The ppl who are like, Well, I'm naming my children Percival Theophilus Poseidon and Cliantha Persephone Phaedra. They're so historic and cultured!" Yes they are, but do you really think little Percival is honestly going to have an easier time going through school with that name than Jayden B. will? I don't like the weirder trendy names but I'd rather my kid be one of five in his class than be made fun of all the way through school. I like those names in theory, but I don't think you're doing your kid any more of a favor naming them those things than naming them something trendy. In fact I think in a lot of instances you're giving them more challenges than the Jayden's and Kylies and Peytons and Paisleys. Just my opinion though.

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    I've never really been bothered by a name, although I met a girl named Laine, which I never liked but it's grown on me. Then there was a girl named Dahsom, rhymes with awesome. She's Korean so that's probably why. In my brother's class (He's in 4th grade) there are twins named Brianna and Gianna. Seriously? People can't tell them apart anyway, why would you do that?
    I don't like the matchy sibset names. I know siblings name Katelyn, Cameron (boy), Karlie, and Kaylee. Karlie and Kaylee? My goodness. Too matchy for me.
    There's a little girl I know in first or second grade named Persephone Panther, who goes by Panther. Really don't like that. Couldn't she go by Sephie or something? There's another girl named Bentley, which I just mind because of the car Bentley.
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    I work in healthcare and I have seen some pretty terrible names. It's hard to keep a straight face and not react but I have to! Of course I can't repeat any of those names for privacy reasons but I can talk about an old friend of mine from high school. She had a baby right out of high school and named her J@dyn. My friends younger sister had a son a few years later and named him K@idyn. AND she just had a second son and his name is Br@edyn!!! Seriously?! My friend also has a brother with three kids, Brody, Teeg@n (boy), and Breezie. Yep...
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    I only really get angry when parents use RIDICULOUSLY matchy names for twins, or even siblings.

    Tyler and Taylor? What the actual hell? They're practically the same name. For twins especially, surely it's important for developing healthy identities to have distinct names. Bleeeh.

    But it was incredibly rude to tell your friend her daughter's name was 'terrible'. She obviously thinks it's just as wonderful as you think your favourite names are - and she has an actual living child with that name, you've just insulted her baby, pretty much. I mean, come on.

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