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    NOT going for a cosmetics theme!!!

    Luckiest woman in the world!

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    I think Arden and Este sound really cute together!

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    You could do Elinor called Nora instead of Nori. Or maybe Eden instead of Edith? Edie and Edie Rose are good nicknames. It sounds like you use nicknames a lot, what would Elizabeth's nickname be? I'm not sure it would be very obvious if you have and Arden and Elizabeth nicknamed Birdie and Libby (or whatever it is), especially with other siblings showing that it's not a cosmetics theme. I would personally much rather be named Elinor, Eden or Elizabeth than Estelle or Edith.

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    I quite like Estelle.

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    If i met an Arden and Este, i wouldn't make the cosmetic connection, unlike Elizabeth and Arden which is quite full on! But is it likely that they would often be Arden and Este, or would they more likely be Birdie and Este or Arden and Estelle? If one is a nn and one is a full name, then i think you're fine.
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