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    If you love it, you should use it. I don't understand why anyone would abandon their favorite name because it's "too popular". It's popular because people think it's an attractive name. If you want something no one else likes, pick something ugly.
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    I am also on the fence about that... many of my favourites from my childhood (Asher, Emiliana, Nathaniel, Aria, Declan, Abigail) became quite popular. I actually wouldn't use them, but more out of fear that my child would be in a class full of kids with their name. If you really love it and you'll regret not using it, then go ahead... but also think through how popular it is. Is it just a bit popular, or is she going to be Ava M.?
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    If one name has stuck by your side since the age of 10, then I think it's the name for you. Usually, people's naming styles change as they mature as old ones fall aside and new ones take their place. That hasn't happened to you so I'm thinking the name is that "special one" and it's a keeper! Nothing that you should worry about. The important thing is that YOU LOVE the name you choose.
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    Go for it.

    What is the name?

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    I think it's really silly to drop a name that you clearly love just because it's getting popular. If you named her something unique that suddenly got really trendy, would you go out and change it?

    Sometimes there is no telling with trends. You could name her Olivia and something could happen to make that name drop out of the Top 10 overnight. Or you could name her Desdemona and in 3 weeks Megan Fox could pick that for her daughter and by next year the name is in the Top 100.

    And we've said it before, most non-berries aren't aware of (nor do they care about) the popularity lists. So while you're here worrying about other people thinking you're not creative and just picked a name out of the popularity bin...chances are they're not even going to be aware that you picked number 3 on the chart.

    And honestly even being a berry doesn't mean you're going to be a judgmental witch about someones name choice. My cousin named her little boy Matthew and that's number 12 on the list. My first thought wasn't "oh how boring is she" it was "aw look at his little ears how cute."

    If you love the name, use it. Don't let the popularity ruin your favorite name.

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