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  • Derek Scott Besemer

    5 15.63%
  • Garrett Cole Besemer

    19 59.38%
  • Alex Hunter Besemer

    7 21.88%
  • Brandon Chase Besemer

    5 15.63%
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    We are having a boy!! Please help me and vote.

    We were going to wait until birth but we caved and found out the sex. Now I need some major help with a boys name. Here is my list right now. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Siblings are sister Morgan and brother Blake.

    Derek Scott Besemer (or Derrick?)
    Garrett Cole Besemer
    Alex Hunter Besemer
    Brandon Chase Besemer

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    Garrett Cole is best, imo. Garrett is a solid name, and has a different initial and different ending than both Morgan and Blake. Sounds good with your last name.

    Derek Scott - ok but a bit dated; shares similar ending with Blake.
    Brandon Chase - nice but a but dated; shares initial with Blake and same ending as Morgan.
    Alex Hunter - my least favorite. I prefer Alexander in full, but both Alexander and Hunter share the -er ending with your last name.

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    Garrett gets my vote! Derek is "dated", Brandon is too similar to Blake (shared initial) and Morgan (same ending) and Alex is too short.
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    I agree with mischa. Derek and Brandon are both dated and common and Alex, though classy and boyish, is SO overused. Garrett is underused, handsome, and goes will with your sibling names.
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    My husband was leaning towards Garrett as well. I am so glad I put this poll up, you people are a tremendous help. You help put things into perspective that I didn't think about. Thank you!!!

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