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    Name the Babies - G1 Results! (logicpuzzler)

    Family #1:

    -DH: Augustus James Waters 'Auggie'
    -DW: Eleanor Sage Waters 'Nell'

    --DD/DD/DS/DS: Caroline Joy, Matilda Charlotte, Atticus Fletcher, and Bennett Micah (emitheduckling) "Ro, Tilly, Atty, and Ben"
    --DS: Archer Joseph (wanderlux) "Archie"
    --DD: Isadora Jasmine "Sadie" (minisia)
    --DS/DS: Lysander Charles "Andy" & Oliver Phineas "Ollie" (bb)
    --DS: Remus Matthew "Remy" (minisia)

    Family #2:

    -DH: Phineas Lake Roberts 'Fin'
    -DH: Sebastian Markus Johnson 'Seb'

    --DD: Angelica Sofia (brontesbabynames)
    --DS/DS: Declan Cormac and Ronan Sullivan (marinadancel17)
    --DD: Lorelei Nóra (minisia)
    --DP: Quigsley (male Portuguese water dog) (shanade213), and DP: A black French bull dog named Fergus. (minisia)
    --DS/DD: Keegan Marco & Marley Alyssa (They have two different dads who were never in the picture and their mom decided it was finally time to go to rehab to get over her addiction to cocaine) (shanade231)

    Family #3:

    -DH: Adrian Jerome Donovan
    -DW: Ripley Anastasia (Bennett) Donovan

    --DD: Nico Beatrix (minisia)
    --DS: Rory Joseph (wanderlux)
    --DD/DD: Finn Lily and Noah Amelia (emitheduckling)
    --DS: Ellis Timothy (minisia)
    --DS: Eden Nathaniel (minisia)

    Family #4:

    -DH: Michael Vincent Hodgins
    -DW: Matisse Ginger Hodgins

    --DS: Max Indigo (shanade231)
    --DD: Fiona Rosaline (oboeplayer1)
    --DS/DS/DD: Mordecai Winslow & Nicolai Dennis & Annika Bellatrix (shanade231)
    --DD/DD: Cassiopeia Ellie "Cassie" & Galatea Ange "Thea"(bb)
    --DP/DP: Shakespeare & Buttercup - British shorthairs, B/G (oboeplayer1)

    New generation will be up soon!
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    They turned out great! Can't wait for G2! I am loving these games right now
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