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    Talking My Favorite Girls' Names--Opinions? :)

    Deirdre (DEER-dree)
    Janessa (No, I didn't make it up!)
    Lucia (Loo-SEE-a)
    Droplet (Guilty Pleasure!)

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    My favourite is Marnie. It has the cool factor from being the name of an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

    Droplet is a new one to me!

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    Marina- very pretty.
    Miranda-very pretty as well.
    Deidre- I find it kind of awkward to say.
    Nettie- more as a nn.
    Charis- I like this spelling better but not my style.
    Marnie- nn.
    Lileas- nms.
    Evangeline- love.
    Janessa- not a bad name but seems trendy.
    Carol- nms.
    Jenifry- seems made up, much prefer Jennifer.
    Lucia- love it.
    Snow- I see this more as a middle name.
    Hope this helped.
    Raquel-23 year old who loves names, books, and languages

    Ladies: Clara Josephine, Amelia Juliet, Louisa Genevieve, Rose Caroline, Charlotte Rosamund, Eleanora Winter, Marina Adelaide, Emmeline Margot, Alice Primrose,Annabel Frances, Catherine Isabella, Vivienne Lucille
    Gentlemen: Frederick Arthur Louis, Nicholas Hugo, Henry Oliver, William Grey, Matthew Isaiah, Thomas Alaric, George Everett, Edmund Tobias, Asher Benjamin, and James Raphael

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    Marina- pretty
    Miranda- reminds me of SATC
    Deirdre- meh. it's a name that only my mom's friends have. dated.
    Nettie- cute as a nickname. Definitely needs a full name imo.
    Karis/Charis- I like the idea of it in terms of meaning. Charis is going to be a tough pronunciation but Karis looks wrong. Tough call.
    Marnie- lovely
    Lileas- meh
    Evangeline- lovely
    Janessa- really not a fan
    Carol- also dated
    Jenifry- please no.
    Lucia- so pretty
    Snow- works as a middle name
    Droplet (Guilty Pleasure!)- please no.

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    Dear Raevynstar,
    Miranda is the one I like best of all of the names on your list. The others I looked up pronunciation for, and I realized they are not my taste. I like a lot of similar names.
    Instead of Marnie, I prefer Marne (marn-NAY rhymes with say) or Marley.
    Instead of Evangeline I am in love with Eve or Eva, and Evan.
    Marina doesn't do anything for me like Marin does. *mah-RHIN rhymes with grin.
    Instead of Lileas I like Lillian, or Lilac.
    I knew a Janessa in third grade. It reminds me of other "smoosh" names even though I know it is legit in terms of being a concrete/real name, I'd go with Jodelle. My best friend in 4-6th grade was Jaselle.

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