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    Honest Opinions of My List?

    So, I've created my top 15 for girls, and I'm curious to hear what you all think. Originally I was aiming for unusual middles, or nature middles, but nothing was fitting together as well as I wanted (poor Amarantha and Calanthe, no room for them it seems ), so this is what I came up with. Feel free to suggest more FN's to add, and new MN's.

    Alice Lavinia
    Martha Eleanor(a)
    Beatrice Daisy
    Florence Annabel
    Phoebe Madeline
    Adelaide Vivienne
    Penelope Frances
    Clara Margaret
    Amelia Josephine
    Violet Beatrice
    Sophia Adelaide
    Hazel Cordelia
    Charlotte Clarissa
    Evelyn Cordelia
    Imogen Lucy

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    Your list is lovely. My personal favorites are Penelope Frances, Clara Margaret, and Amelia Josephine.

    What about Cordelia Violet?
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    Alice Lavinia - I am finding I am starting to get charmed by Alice. I do not care for Lavinia but I like the combo.
    Martha Eleanor(a) - I would go with Martha Eleanor. Martha is nice and I love Eleanor.
    Beatrice Daisy - This combo is beautiful and carefree at the same time.
    Florence Annabel - I really like this combo also. Personally I do not care for Florence but I love Annabel.
    Phoebe Madeline - This combo does not flow for me as well as your others. I love Madeline, love Madeleine even more.
    Adelaide Vivienne - I feel Vivienne Adelaide flows better. I prefer Adeline. Vivienne is gorgeous.
    Penelope Frances - This is a nice combo. I personally do not care for Frances and Penelope is nice.
    Clara Margaret - I like both names but feel the combo is not working as well as many of your others.
    Amelia Josephine - This is sweet and beautiful.
    Violet Beatrice
    Sophia Adelaide - I love Sophia/Sofia (prefer Sofia). This is a nice combo.
    Hazel Cordelia - I personally do not care for either name but the combo is beautiful.
    Charlotte Clarissa - Charlotte is beautiful and sweet. I am not liking Clarissa with it.
    Evelyn Cordelia - I love Evelyn. I do not care for Cordelia. The combo is okay.
    Imogen Lucy - I am not feeling this combo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by casilda View Post
    Your list is lovely. My personal favorites are Penelope Frances, Clara Margaret, and Amelia Josephine.

    What about Cordelia Violet?
    Thank you! :-) Cordelia Violet is lovely :-) I managed to find a few more to add to the list, looks like my master list (for lack of a better term) is going to be quite long, haha!
    haley + jake - 07.07.18
    kayla charlotte. desiree elizabeth. addison louise. melanie grace. stephanie annabelle.

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    Alice Lavinia - Nice. Love Alice, and Lavinia works well with it.
    Martha Eleanor(a) - Martha is a bit too old ladyish for me. Eleanor is okay but Eleanora would be better and if Eleanora were to be the first name MN picks could include Isolde and Vevina, which share Martha's meaning.
    Beatrice Daisy - If it could have a grade this would get an A.
    Florence Annabel - Switch the order. Annabel Florence. Maybe even Annabel Florencia. Much nicer.
    Phoebe Madeline - Phoebe is NMS and Madeline is a bit too popular these days.
    Adelaide Vivienne -I like it, BUT if this kid were to be born it would be such a shame for her to become another Addie. So no NNs. If the order were switched Viv or Vivi could be NNs.
    Penelope Frances - It's okay. No feeling
    Clara Margaret - Very nice
    Amelia Josephine - Switch order
    Violet Beatrice - Very Nice
    Sophia Adelaide - Sophia too popular for me
    Hazel Cordelia - Love it
    Charlotte Clarissa - Charlotte is a bit overpopular but I'll accept it
    Evelyn Cordelia - No. Evelyn is making some sort of weird come back and I don't like it.
    Imogen Lucy - Never understood nameberry's love for Imogen. It's ugly.

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