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    Marina - Reminds me of Marina del Rey. It's a very nice place lol I'd probably have a positive view of the name. Not my style though.
    Miranda - It's nice enough, it just seems kind of old to me.
    Deirdre (DEER-dree) - Funnily enough, I know a Deirdre. Hers is DEER-druh though. I like the name, I always remember thinking her name was really cool.
    Nettie - Again, sounds old to me. NMS
    Karis/Charis - like Care-is? or Char-is? Karis is a last name to me. Charis reminds me of Charizard from Pokemon
    Marnie - reminds me of Halloweentown. I loved that movie and the girl who played Marnie. Usually not big on M names, but this one I like.
    Lileas - Lil-AY-es? LIL-ee-as?
    Evangeline - One of my personal favorites. I think it's beautiful
    Janessa (No, I didn't make it up!) - I like it. It has a very Hispanic flair. Very Latina
    Carol - Nope. Old.
    Jenifry - I think this one looks and sounds terrible, sorry. Fry?
    Lucia (Loo-SEE-a) - Another one that sounds very Latina. I like it a lot
    Snow - Guilty pleasure of mine. It sounds and looks beautiful to me but I don't think it's a name
    Droplet (Guilty Pleasure!) - Nope. I don't like the "Drop" sound in a name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raevynstar View Post
    Deirdre (DEER-dree)
    Janessa (No, I didn't make it up!)
    Lucia (Loo-SEE-a)
    Droplet (Guilty Pleasure!)
    My thoughts on these names:
    Marina - This name is really spunky and vibrant. Marina looks very cool and has a intriguing nautical vibe which feels funky and bright. Marina is a sweet choice and I have often pondered on this choice!

    Miranda - A lovely name, I adore the Shakespearean connotations as Miranda is a literary character in The Tempest which I find intriguing and cool. Miranda is just vibrant and sounds wholesome. It's a lovely choice.

    Deirdre - Ugh! The name feels dated and unattractive.

    Nettie - It's a nickname not a name in it's own right. Nettie feels slightly informal. Not my thing.

    Karis - The name sounds pretty but the spelling is just dreadful. To be honest I would prefer Carys the authentic Welsh spelling of this name. Carys has the same pronunciation as Karis but just looks far prettier and more authentic.

    Marnie - This name is a charming vintage choice. Marnie sounds very vibrant and cool. It's a lovely retro choice!

    Lileas - This name has an interesting sound but for me it just doesn't visually look right. I don't know for me there is something off with this name.

    Evangeline - An elegant choice, she sounds charming and looks pretty. I also adore the nicknames surrounding this name such as Eve, Eva, Evie, Angie, Effie etc. Evangeline has a lovely feel and just looks effortless.

    Janessa - Ugh if you have to state that you didn't make a name up it isn't a good idea... (well that's what I think anyway)

    Carol - This name is okay and works well as maybe a Christmas inspired nickname. I would prefer Caroline or Carolina a lengthened form of Carol but just sounds far prettier and more elegant.

    Jenifry - Ugh....? Weird choice!

    Lucia - I'm really not liking 'Lucy' names to be honest but this is the best 'Lucy' name out of the bunch. To be honest I prefer LOO SHA pronunciation of this name (like the Caribbean Island St. Lucia) it's just spunky and has a lot of style. I adore Lucia (LOO SHA) it has a lot of spark.

    Snow - It's a sweet name she's pretty and has a delicate sound. But would I want to be called Snow...? No I wouldn't in all honesty, but I would love Snow as a sweet nickname for something regal and strong. I would adore a combination like Eleanor Snow.

    Droplet - OTT no wonder it's a GP the name is just off.

    : )
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    I love the name Marina and Karis! Miranda and Evangeline are also really pretty!!

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    Marina- I love this name, but don't think I have it in me to use as a fn. Reminds me of Marina and the Diamonds
    Miranda- It's a nice name, I'd like to see it on a baby
    Deirdre (DEER-dree) - Seems very dated to me, I think of Corronation St (UK Soap) and her big glasses
    Nettie- I love this as a nn more than anything, it's very cute
    Karis/Charis- I don't care so much for this name apart from rhymes with Ferris
    Marnie- too me it is a nn, but then would fit right in with the UK nn trend of Alfie, Evie etc
    Lileas- I'm sorry I don't know how I would go on pronouncing this name, Lil-e-as?
    Evangeline- beautiful name
    Janessa (No, I didn't make it up!) I like the nn possiblity of Nessie
    Carol- imo it seems a bt dated, I prefer the nn Coral for Coraline
    Jenifry- Are you trying for the pronunciation Jen-ee-free, the fry is a bit off putting
    Lucia (Loo-SEE-a) I'm not very found of Luc/y names
    Snow- I like this in the mn spot
    Droplet (Guilty Pleasure!) maybe mn, how about Snowdrop?

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    I love Evangeline, Deirdre, & Lucia. I like Marnie and the rest I feel meh about.

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