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    Smile Any help with Jewish/Hebrew/Yiddish boys names?

    Hi I don't know what I am having. Either way if I have a boy I want him to have a strong Hebrew/Yiddish name. I don't like Eli, Abe, Jacob. I want something a bit different but that has a strong name. I love Yakov, but that is Jacob in Hebrew. So I don't feel right using a majorly popular name. So any help would be really appreciated. Thanks!!!

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    How about Ephraim/Efrem

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    I love:
    Tobias, Tobiah with the nn Tobin.
    I also love Zephaniah with the nn Zeph, Zephan, or Ian.
    Azrael, or Azriel which sounds similar to Israel is also one of my current favorites. Zachariah I have always preferred over the super popular Zachary. A great nn for Zachariah in my opinion is Rye or Carsin.

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    For whatever reason a lot of my favourites are E's: Ezra, Ezriel, Eleazar, Ephraim. I'm not into Elijah though. Ezekiel (NN Zeke) is okay but my sister has dibsed it.

    I don't like Abe either but I'm fond of Bram as a NN for Abraham. If I were going for an A I'd vastly prefer Asher, Azaria, Asa, Amos, or Aaron/Aharon/Aron to Abe. Ari is quite popular amongst Jews but not overused in general...? I like Ari but so does EVERYONE ELSE so I dunno how you feel about it.

    My sister and I divided up a lot of the family names between us. She got Naphtali, which burns me slightly because I love it. I got Tzvi, which I love but I wouldn't use as a legal FN, only a middle name or Hebrew name. I think we're both going to end up with Hanan/Chanan or some variant of it like Elchanan or Yochanan. It was our grandfather's name though.

    Do you count J's or only Y's? I am equally as fond of Judah & Jethro as Yehuda and Yitro, and honestly fonder of Joel than Yoel. I like Yonatan a lot but if I used it as the Hebrew name I'd probably use Jonathan in English? Depends on your taste.

    Zev, Lev, Ari, Avi are all very simple but pack a lot of flavour into small packages. Do you like that style? Or are you more a 4-syllable type? How long's your last name?

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