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Thread: Supernatural!!

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    Uh oh... This could be dangerous for me. I've only recently been introduced to Supernatural via Netflix and it is quite addicting. I am behind in episodes; like, I think I'm somewhere mid-season 6 *covers face in embarrassment.* But, I've never been one to care about spoilers so please don't feel weird about talking about future plots/story lines.

    It's sad that I haven't really watched it in a month because my focus is so erratic that I feel like I need to use valuable brain time for school work and the thought of trying to focus on plot for an hour is mentally exhausting (pathetic, I know). I will say that I do love Castiel and Dean; I like Sam but I still can't get over my hatred of his pre-Supernatural-Dean-days, ie: when Jared was on Gilmore Girls.
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    Fey – Huzzah, another Destiel fan!!! Not gonna lie, I have moments when the brothers' chemistry does me in (like the most recent episode, the convo between D.ean and E.zekiel/ – swoon!) but Destiel wins at life. Ever since that first quote: "I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition." ::dies::

    I too am really excited for this season, it's started off with a bang in a way that takes me back to seasons long past…those first days of realizing that things are bigger than just the yellow-eyed demon, that they're happening on an epic heaven vs. hell scale. Love it! I do like Tahmoh's version of E.zekiel but man, I am digging me some angelified S.ammy…in a storyline where Z.eke's grace somehow becomes inextricably linked to's soul during the healing process and they become one entity – this girl would NOT be complaining.

    Also agree that the entire Leviathan arc needed to die in a fire, and so did the entire story of giving up on D.ean so he could shack up with A.melia. Seriously?? After 7 seasons of the brothers' inability to live without each other, THAT is what they give us? A normal totally lame kinda bitchy girlfriend? Gag. At least with R.uby she was all demonic and sexy and they had serious chemistry. I adored B.enny though, and everything his arc brought out in D.ean. Want him back something fierce.

    MM – okay that's just crazy. I don't care how hardcore Destiel I am, Sam and Dean ARE the show. Like it might as well be one word: samandean. There is no way they could kill off our Sammy.

    Ames – Aww, so glad you and Fey like the Tobias Colt idea! It's hard to let go of Hawk and Rook though…I know they don't work, but I love them anyway. Phooey.

    Sam's height is part of what makes him so attractive, at least to me. I'm at least 5'9" so the short boys don't do it for me one bit. Not calling Dean short, but freakin Sam is like 6'4" – yowza! I do love Dean's green eyes though…have you seen the meme comparing his face to Rapunzel's (from Tangled)?? The caption is "eyes of a Disney princess" and it's true, they're the exact same! Once again, I died.

    Sera – Hear, hear!! How, indeed??

    Cel - No need to be embarrassed! I didn't even start watching the show until a couple of years ago. I probably shouldn't admit that though, because it tells you how often I watched the old episodes trying to catch up >_> We will try to post spoilers in white so that if you don't want to see them you don't have to I've never watched Gilmore Girls, and I'm glad now that I didn't - anything that would make me hate Sam doesn't sound happy, haha.
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    Love Supernatural <3 I remember watching season one when I was ten! I can't believe its already on its 9th season!
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    I agree with you about the second ep OP! I'm a die hard Supernatural fan, been watching since the beginning. I think I'll follow it through anything.. For me the season premiere of season 9 was "eh" but ep 2 definitely picked up! I love both boys but admittedly I love Dean so much haha I also love Felicia Day who plays Charlie (though I know some people don't) so I can't wait for her episode.

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    Ouch. The last time I watched it, it was season 6, I think. I remember I looked up everywhere for Castiel's meaning and origin.. I always love supernatural, but then I've got no time to watch it.. *shame.
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