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    Thoughts on top name choice - Aya

    First question is, do you like the name Aya? It means bird in Hebrew. I love it, but would like to hear others’ opinions. Secondly, which version/combo sounds best with Levy - pronounced "lee vee":

    Aya Simone
    Aya Faye
    Aya Pearl

    Your advice is greatly appreciated in advance!

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    I love it. I think it's so pretty and it's familiar due to Ava but sooo much less popular.

    I honestly like all 3 combos. I suppose 1 syllable is better for flow, but Aya Simone is so pretty. I also like Aya Faye, but not sure if that's one too many y's in Aya Faye Levy. Aya Pearl is lovely as well--maybe it's just on nameberry but Pearl seems to be getting very popular.

    So I think my vote goes to Aya Simone, then Aya Pearl.

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    Aya is one of my favorites. My favorite combo from your list is Aya Pearl. Aya Simone would be my second but it doesn't have the best flow with all names having two syllables.
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    I had to look up how to pronounce Aya. I really like the meaning. It is a short, very sweet name. Love Aya Pearl. What an adorable set Levy and Aya would make.

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    The Aya I know is a nn for Alexandra. Lovely.

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