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    Going against tradition? Help with boy names

    Hi everyone! New to the site, hoping for some help! Due with a baby boy in February, big sister is Juliana. We are very stuck on boys names, the only name my husband likes is Nunzio, which is his father and brothers name and many other male relatives going back centuries! I hate to break traditions but I'm just not sold on this being my sons name. I think it would be a great mn! Its just too italian for my taste and i don't really love multiple family members with the same name. Am I being too hard on this name?
    I like Marcus, Declan, Cullen and a few others (i'm all over the place with styles)but its hard to make my husband see any other name as the one. Any suggestions? We do agree that we don't want anything too popular. Thanks for the help!

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    If I were you, I think I'd feel the same way about Nunzio. I agree that it would make a great middle name, but your son might be happiest with a first name of his own!

    Are you of Italian heritage, as well as your husband, or is there another heritage you'd like to bring out in your son's name?

    Some ideas:

    Marcus Nunzio
    Callum Nunzio
    Eliot Nunzio
    Graham Nunzio
    Silas Nunzio
    Riley Nunzio

    I'd pair first names ending in N with a different Italian middle name:

    Declan Fabrizzio
    Cullen Armando
    Sebastian Matteo
    Carson Lorenzo
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    Would he compromise as using Nunzo as a middle name? Marcus Nunzo is really cute! Otherwise, would you consider a different Italian name? Enzo, Lorenzo, Luca, Matteo, are all cute...
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    No, you're not being to hard. You don't love the name so you shouldn't use it for your son. I mean you're even considering it as a middle. That's already a compromise. I would tell your husband that Nunzio can be the middle name but now he has to participate in naming your son.

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    Thanks for the input! I am of Irish heritage and my husband is Italian/Irish but definitely relates with his Italian side most! I worry that Irish names don't sound right with Nunzio as a mn and I don't really want any other super Italian name. I really like Marcus the best but my husband said he doesn't like mark as a nn which might be tough to avoid. I asked my husband to try to make a list of other names he likes just to see... We will see how that goes! Will check back!

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