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    What about nn Mac/Mack or Rus for Marcus?

    I don't think Irish names will clash with an Italian mn. It's his heritage so it'll fit him.
    Seamus Nunzio sounds like a dapper international man.
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    Any thoughts on other names that would sound good with Nunzio as the middle name?

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    Nunzio is a family name for me as well. I remember my cousins and I thought it was such a great name when we were little. I still think it's distinctive & if I were in your shoes I might just go for it if it meant I had full naming rights for future children!

    But if it's not for you, stick it in the middle!

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    I do like the name Nunzio. I just can't imagine a Nunzio as my son and also I worry about so many repeat names at family gatherings. He would have a grandfather, uncle, and probably one day a 1st cousin with the same name. I have said that if we do go with Nunzio as a first name we would have to call him something different...

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    I know several people named Marcus, and NONE of them go by Marc. Marcus and Marc/k are two completely separate names in my mind.

    Other ideas:

    Carter Nunzio
    Oliver Nunzio
    William Nunzio
    Jacob Nunzio
    Adam Nunzio
    Alexander Nunzio

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