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    1. What do you think of these 3 names?

    Poet: I love it. I think this name could hold a lot of deep meaning. It could be hard to pull off if she wasn't interested in reading or writing. I think of a wise girl. She learns from others and doesn't repeat their mistakes. She loves to sing loudly in the car. She's outgoing and writes all her thoughts down and asks you for help turning them into something beautiful for the talent show.

    Sonnet: It's ok.. I wouldn't scold anyone for using the name I just think it sounds sound great. I think of a quiet girl. She likes to draw and proudly displays her pictures all over her room walls.

    Story: I actually really like story. I think of a sweet girl. She likes to climb trees just to read. She's fearless and doesn't regret.

    2. What is your favorite and why?
    I'm at a toss up for Poet and Story. I would use Story IRL though.

    3. Are any of them realistically usable, or are they a setup for mocking and weird looks?
    I think with the right girl she will be able to pull off any name you give her.

    4. What are some names similar in style and feel that are not so "out there" and literal?

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    I know an actual little girl (almost 2 years old) with the name Story. It definitely suits her, and she loves being able to sit down with a book and look at the pictures and listen to someone read to her. I think that if you and your hubby both really love them, then go for them. If you are perhaps not brave enough, then as other berries have suggested you could always use Poet, Sonnet, or Story in the middle name position.

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    Not a fan of these for a first, but definately would use them for a middle.

    #1 Story - I like this the best. I actually prefer Astoria nn Story, but it is a middle so no need for that
    #2 Poet - I like aesthetically. Personally I would go with Poesy which means the same thing but is more cutesy
    #3 Sonnet - Not my cup of tea but it is a middle so why not? I like the others better as word names though. This one is still good but is more specific so that's why I put it in third place.

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    I love the idea. Story and Poet especially are adorable! For some these might be guilty pleasures. I plan to use some GP names one day because they can be adorable and usable. I never want to regret not choosing a name I didn't love. I don't think the child would get mocked at all actually
    Some other names I think have a similar feel

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    I like Sonnet, but my favorite word name is Journey.

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